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  1. Hace 5 días · In an interview with CNN, Laura Dern and Diane Ladd make the case for having tough conversations with a loved one and explain how it can be a lesson in self-discovery.

  2. Hace 5 días · By Alli Rosenbloom, CNN. (CNN) — As Laura Dern and Diane Ladd approached Adelaide Drive in Santa Monica during one of the many walk-and-talks detailed in their joint memoir “Honey, Baby, Mine,” Ladd quickly realized where Dern was taking her.

  3. Hace 4 días · Diane Ladd portrays Marietta Fortune, Lula's domineering mother who disapproves of Sailor and seeks to tear them apart. # 4 Most popular actor on Wild at Heart

  4. Hace 5 días · Laura Dern (born February 10, 1967, Los Angeles, California, U.S.) is an American actress who is known for her wide range of characterizations and the subtlety and naturalness of her performances. Dern was born to noted actors Diane Ladd and Bruce Dern.

    • Pat Bauer
  5. Hace 3 días · Supporting the lustful couple is a stellar cast featuring Harry Dean Stanton, Willem Dafoe (at his all-time creepy best), Crispin Glover, Isabella Rosellini (herself romantically linked to Lynch at the time) and Laura Dern’s real-life mother Diane Ladd in a wonderfully histrionic villain role.

  6. Hace 5 horas · Bruce Dern, Peter Fonda, Diane Ladd, and Nancy Sinatra are all showcasing why they'd become legends later in life, but this cynical dip into counterculture is one of Corman's finest. 2.

  7. Hace 6 días · Harper was born into an entertainment family, with an Academy Award-winning mother in Dern and Grammy-winning father in Ben Harper, as well as grandparents Diane Ladd, Bruce Dern and singer ...