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  1. Dolly Sinatra (Italian pronunciation: [siˈnaːtra]; born Natalina Maria Vittoria Garaventa; [nataˈliːna maˈriːa ɡaraˈvɛnta]; December 26, 1896 – January 6, 1977) was the mother of American singer Frank Sinatra. She was born in Lumarzo (Province of Genoa), in northern Italy; she immigrated to the United States as an infant.

    • Natalina Maria Vittoria Garaventa, December 26, 1896, Lumarzo, Italy
    • Italian
  2. Dolly Sinatra (Italian pronunciation: [siˈnaːtra]; born Natalina Maria Garaventa; [nataˈliːna maˈriːa ɡaraˈvɛnta ]; December 26, 1896 – January 6, 1977) was the mother of American singer Frank Sinatra. She was born in Lumarzo (Province of Genoa ), in northern Italy; she immigrated to the United States when she was two months old.

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    Born on December 26, 1896, Dolly moved to America at a very young age before the start of the twentieth century with her family from the town of Rossi.

    Dolly met 18 year old Antonio Sinatra in 1912, and crept into boxing fights dressed as a boy to watch him. She had a foul mouth, and often didn't stop talking. Dolly spoke both fluent English and several Italian dialects, and had the ability to write, unlike her husband. Dolly was known to never forget or forgive offensive comments thrown at her.

    Dolly had blue eyes and light skin and, during her youth, strawberry blond hair. She was very small. Her parents did not like their relationship, so Dolly and Marty ran away together to Jersey City, getting married at the city hall on Valentine's Day just a year after they met. They returned home and later got remarried in a church with their families.

    It took Dolly two years to get pregnant, and she was hoping for a girl. She went into labor in December. She was less than five feet tall and wei

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  3. 10 de ene. de 2017 · Singer Frank Sinatra and his mother, Dolly Sinatra, pose at a celebrity party following his opening at Caesar's Palace, his first nightclub date in about three years in Las Vegas January 26,...

  4. 14 de nov. de 2020 · Fue en la adolescencia cuando empezaron a llamarla ‘Dolly’ por ser extremadamente guapa. Fue justamente en aquellos primeros años de juventud cuando Dolly conoció a Saverio Antonino Martino ‘Marty’ Sinatra, un siciliano de Lercara Friddi, a tan sólo 25 kilómetros del criminal Corleone, cuna de la mafia siciliana, el mismo pueblo del que era originario el popular gángster Salvatore ‘Lucky’ Luciano.

  5. El 9 de enero de 1977, la madre de Sinatra, Dolly, falleció tras un accidente de avión en San Gorgonio Mountain, en California del Sur. Su muerte tuvo un profundo efecto en él, regresando al catolicismo de su juventud. Durante ese año Sinatra produjo y actuó en su primera película para televisión, Contract On Cherry Street.

  6. 9 de feb. de 2017 · Dolly Sinatra was among the restless, energetic and inspirational woman who changed the world in the early years of the 20th century. Apart from being active in Democratic politics in Hoboken, Dolly was also a restless campaigner for women’s rights and in 1919 she even chained herself to the city hall in support of the Women’s suffrage movement.