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  1. Donald David DeFreeze (November 16, 1943 – May 17, 1974), also known as Cinque Mtume and using the nom de guerre "General Field Marshal Cinque", was known as the "spokesman" of the Symbionese Liberation Army (SLA), a small, American far-left group that formed in Oakland, California in 1973. Some analysts suggested he was a figurehead; others said ...

  2. El líder del grupo era Donald DeFreeze (16 de noviembre de 1943-17 de mayo de 1974), un comunista, supremacista negro y terrorista de una familia desintegrada que vivió la mayor parte de su vida de asistencia social y que abandonó la escuela a los 14 años de edad, tras lo cual fue arrestado y enviado a prisión por toda clase de crímenes serios y violentos como secuestro, tiroteos, ataques a oficiales de policía, robo o uso de drogas.

  3. Donald David DeFreeze (16 de noviembre de 1943 - 17 de mayo de 1974), también conocido como Cinque Mtume y usando el nombre de guerra "Field Marshal Cinque", era el líder del Symbionese Liberation Army , un grupo de extrema izquierda estadounidense.

  4. Donald DeFreeze. *Donald DeFreeze was born on this date in 1943. He was a Black radial, Bank robber, and the leader of the Symbionese Liberation Army . He was also known as Cinque Mtume, using the nom de guerre "Field Marshal Cinque," Donald David DeFreeze was born in Cleveland, Ohio, to Louis and Mary DeFreeze, the eldest of eight children.

  5. 23 de dic. de 2020 · Who Was Donald David DeFreeze? Born on November 15, 1943, in Cleveland, Ohio, Donald David DeFreeze was the eldest of eight children raised by a registered nurse and a toolmaker. However, because of the violence he suffered at home, including having had both of his arms broken as punishment from his father, Donald ran away at the age of 14, ending up in Buffalo, New York, where he joined a street gang.

  6. 20 de sept. de 2016 · Donald DeFreeze was a two-bit, incompetent criminal who, in Los Angeles, tried to work off a beef, like a lot of criminals do—by telling the cops what he knew about other criminals,” Toobin says during the interview for last week’s Yesterday’s Crimes. “The idea that he was some sort of secret agent for the government is just absurd.”

  7. Led by a hardened criminal named Donald DeFreeze, the SLA wanted nothing less than to incite a guerrilla war against the U.S. government and destroy what they called the “capitalist state.” Their...