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  1. Dorothea Lieven died peacefully at her home, 2 rue Saint-Florentin, Paris, aged 71, on 27 January 1857, with Guizot and Paul Lieven, one of her two surviving sons, beside her. She was buried, according to her wish, at the Lieven family estate of Mesothen (near Mitau) next to her two young sons who had died in St. Petersburg. Legacy

    • Christoph von Benckendorff
    • 27 January 1857 (aged 71), Paris, France
  2. 31/10/2014 · Dorothea Lieven died of “inflammation of the chest” on January 27, 1857 in Paris, age 71. In accordance with her wishes, she was buried in a velvet dress, with a diadem on her brow, at the Lieven family estate of Mežotne, south of Riga, next to her sons George and Arthur. The Times eulogized Dorothea Lieven as

  3. Dorothea, princess of Lieven, was born in Latvia in 1785. Her mother was a favorite of the Russian empress Sophia Dorothea of Wurttemberg , wife of Tsar Paul I. The young Dorothea received a brilliant education and, at an early age, married Prince Christoph of Lieven, ambassador at the court of Prussia in Berlin (1811–12).

  4. Katharina Alexandra Dorothea von Lieven ( Riga, 17 december 1785 - Parijs, 27 januari 1857) was een Russische edelvrouwe die in de eerste helft van de negentiende eeuw een belangrijk personage was in het diplomatieke verkeer. Inhoud 1 Biografie 1.1 Vroege jaren 1.2 Romance met Von Metternich 1.3 Rusland en Parijs

  5. 20/09/2021 · Para otros miembros de la familia Lieven, consulte Lieven. figura influyente en los círculos diplomáticos, políticos y sociales europeos del siglo XIX (1785-1857) Princesa de Lieven DoroteaPrincesa de LievenPrincesa von LievenNacidoKatharina Alexandra Dorothea von Benckendorff(1785-12-17)17 de diciembre de 1785Riga, Gobernación de Riga, Imperio Ruso(actual Riga, Letonia)Fallecido27 de ...

  6. 06/12/2017 · Dorothea Brenkendorff was a Russian noblewoman born in 1785. In 1800, at the tender age of 14, she was married to Count Christopher (Kristofor) von Lieven – he was 26. As a quick aside: I have seen their name written as von Lieven, de Lieven, and just plain Lieven… so your guess is as good as mine!

  7. 01/12/2006 · Dorothea Lieven: A Russian Princess in London and Paris, 1785-1857 Judith Lissauer Cromwell McFarland, Dec 1, 2006 - History - 300 pages 0 Reviews Dorothea de Benckendorff was born December 28,...

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