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  1. Below find a link to an online database that has been compiled to-date on the Genealogy of President Woodrow Wilson, as well as both of his wives, Ellen Louise Axson, and Edith Bolling Galt. There is also a link to a copy of the scholarly article that appeared in a 2014 edition of the National Genealogical Society Quarterly that explored Wilson’s earliest family ties in America.

  2. 05/05/2021 · On December 18, 1915, Wilson married Edith Bolling Galt at her Washington, D.C. home. A widow herself, Edith met the grieving Wilson several months after the death of his first wife.

  3. Ellen Wilson (1885-1914) † Edith Wilson (1915-1924) Beroep Politicus Politicoloog Historicus Hoogleraar: Religie Presbyterianisme: Handtekening 28e president van de Verenigde Staten; Aangetreden 4 maart 1913: Einde termijn 4 maart 1921: Voorganger William Howard Taft: Opvolger Warren G. Harding: 34e gouverneur van New Jersey: Aangetreden 17 ...

  4. Während seiner Präsidentschaft starb Anfang August 1914 seine erste Ehefrau Ellen Louise. Ein Jahr später heiratete er die 43-jährige Witwe Edith White Bolling Galt. Da sich Wilson in der Presse starker persönlicher Kritik ausgesetzt sah, so zügig nach dem Tod der ersten Frau erneut zu heiraten, fand die Hochzeitszeremonie am 18.

  5. In 1914 his wife died and the following year, he met and married Edith Bolling Galt. During his first term as president, he persuaded Congress to pass major reforms, to include the Federal Reserve Act (1913), the Underwood Tariff Act (1913), the Clayton Antitrust Act (1914), the Smith-Lever Act (1914), the Federal Farm Loan Act (1916), the Adamson Act (1916), and the Keating-Owen Act (1916).

  6. 15/04/2022 · This room is entirely dedicated to holding and displaying china used by dozens of U.S. presidents. It was first called the Presidential Collection Room, but in 1917, Edith Bolling Galt Wilson, President Woodrow Wilson's second wife, decided to display the growing collection of White House china throughout the room.

  7. Archibald Bolling (1806–1862), ∞ 1835 : Anne Wigginton (1809–1898) William Holcomb Bolling (1837–1899), ∞ 1860 : Sallie Spiers White (1843–1925) Edith White Bolling (1872–1961), ∞ 1896 : Norman Galt (1864–1908); ∞ 1915 : Thomas Woodrow Wilson, 28th President of the United States (1856–1924)