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  1. Life and family. Eduard was born at Schloss Ballenstedt in Ballenstedt, in what is now the German state of Saxony-Anhalt, the youngest of the five children of the last reigning Duke of Anhalt, Joachim Ernst, and of his second wife Editha "Edda" Charlotte Wilhelmine Marwitz, who allegedly paid 10,000 marks to Bertha von Stephani to improve her social standing by adult adoption.

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  3. Eduard von Capelle; Ernest Cassel; Prince Christian Victor of Schleswig-Holstein; Leopold Wilhelm von Dobschütz; Ludvig Douglas; Eduard, Duke of Anhalt; Carl August Ehrensvärd (1858–1944) Ernst II, Duke of Saxe-Altenburg; Archduke Franz Karl of Austria; Archduke Friedrich, Duke of Teschen; August Neidhardt von Gneisenau; Hans von Gronau ...

  4. The first united principality of Anhalt was short-lived, and in 1603, it was split up into the mini-states of Anhalt-Dessau, Anhalt-Bernburg, Anhalt-Köthen, Anhalt-Zerbst and Anhalt-Plötzkau. [1] Joachim Ernest died in 1586 and his five sons ruled the land in common until 1603, when Anhalt was again divided, and the lines of Dessau, Bernburg, Plötzkau, Zerbst and Köthen were re-founded.

  5. Alexander Karl, Duke of Anhalt-Bernburg: At Alexander Karl's death without issue, the duchy was inherited by his kinsman Leopold IV, Duke of Anhalt-Dessau-Köthen who merged the duchy with his own to form a united Duchy of Anhalt.

  6. Otto, Prince of Bismarck, Count of Bismarck-Schönhausen, Duke of Lauenburg (German: Otto Fürst von Bismarck, Graf von Bismarck-Schönhausen, Herzog zu Lauenburg, pronounced [ˈɔtoː fɔn ˈbɪsmaʁk] ; 1 April 1815 – 30 July 1898), born Otto Eduard Leopold von Bismarck, was a conservative German statesman and diplomat.

  7. William is proclaimed German Emperor in the Hall of Mirrors in Versailles, France flanked by his only son, Frederick and son in law – Frederick I, Grand Duke of Baden. Painting by Anton von Werner William, however, hesitated to accept the constitutional title, as he feared that it would overshadow his own title as King of Prussia.