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  1. Edward Douglass White Jr. (November 3, 1845 – May 19, 1921) was an American politician and jurist from Louisiana. White was a U.S. Supreme Court justice for 27 years, first as an associate justice from 1894 to 1910, then as the ninth chief justice from 1910 until his death in 1921.

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  3. In contrast, his father was "almost certainly white", according to historian David W. Blight in his 2018 biography of Douglass. Douglass said his mother Harriet Bailey gave him his name Frederick Augustus Washington Bailey and, after he escaped to the North in September 1838, he took the surname Douglass , having already dropped his two middle names.

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  6. 24/10/2012 · Notes: The acceptance of the appointment and commission by the appointee, as evidenced by the taking of the prescribed oaths, is here implied; otherwise the individual is not carried on this list of the Members of the Court.

  7. Edward Douglass White (1845–1921) December 12, 1910 (Acclamation) December 19, 1910 – May 19, 1921 (Died) 10 years, 151 days William Howard Taft: Associate Justice of the Supreme Court (1894–1910) 10 William Howard Taft (1857–1930) June 30, 1921 (Acclamation) July 11, 1921 – February 3, 1930 (Retired) 8 years, 207 days Warren G ...