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  1. Sustantivo. 1. (en general) a. el ocho. (M) come at eight ven a las ocho. eight and eight are sixteen ocho y ocho, dieciséis. there were eight of us éramos ocho. all eight of them left se marcharon los ocho. the eight of hearts el ocho de corazones.

  2. eight, 8 n (symbol for number 8) ocho nm : Ben's handwriting is so bad that his eight looks like a six. La letra de Ben es tan mala que el ocho parece un seis. eight, 8 n (time: 8 o'clock) las ocho loc prnl : We arranged to meet at eight in the evening. Quedamos en reunirnos a las ocho de la tarde. eight, 8 pron (people, things: 8 of them) ocho pron

  3. Eight(エイト)は、取り込んだ名刺から、あなただけのプロフィールを作成し、名刺管理やキャリア形成に活用できる無料のキャリアプロフィールアプリです。

  4. 2. deporte. eight (también: side, squad, strip, team) volume_up. equipo {m} more_vert. A team of eight national and Commission experts was selected. expand_more Se seleccionó un equipo formado por ocho expertos nacionales y de la Comisión.

  5. 8 de ene. de 2015 · 1. : a number that is one more than seven see Table of Numbers. 2. : the eighth in a set or series. the eight of spades. 3. : something having eight units or members: such as. a. : an 8-oared racing boat or its crew.

  6. noun. a cardinal number, seven plus one. a symbol for this number, as 8 or VIII. a set of this many persons or things, as the crew of an eight-oared racing shell. a playing card the face of which bears eight pips. Informal. an automobile powered by an eight-cylinder engine. an eight-cylinder engine. adjective.

  7. A1. the number 8: She was eight ( years old) when her family moved here. We've got eight people coming to dinner. More examples. The shops shut at eight o'clock on Wednesday evenings. The sum of 13 and 8 is 21. We've been married eight years. There'll be eight for dinner, counting ourselves.