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  1. Elisabeth Charlotte of the Palatinate, Duchess of Orléans, died on 8 December 1722 at 3:30 a.m. at the Château de Saint-Cloud, aged 70. She was buried in the royal necropolis at the Basilica of Saint-Denis, next to her husband and his first wife.

  2. Elizabeth Charlotte was the daughter of Frederick IV, Elector Palatine, and Louise Juliana of Orange-Nassau. Her brother Frederick became famous as the Elector-Palatine and "Winter King" of Bohemia. In 1616 Elizabeth Charlotte married George William, with whom she had three children. The marriage was arranged to unite two Protestant dynasties.

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    Elisabeth Charlotte was born at the Heidelberg Castle as the only daughter of Charles I Louis, Elector Palatine and Charlotte of Hesse-Kassel. In childhood she was known as Liselotte. She grew up at the court of her aunt and would remain in contact with her aunt all her life. On 16 November 1671, she was married by proxy at Metz. In order to marry ...

    Philippe d'Orléans (Later "Regent of France" for Louis XV (2 August 1674 – 2 December 1723) married Françoise Marie de Bourbon, Légitimée de France and had children (descendants include Louis Phili...
    Élisabeth Charlotte d'Orléans (13 September 1676 – 24 December 1744) married Léopold of Lorraine, Duke of Lorraine and had children (descendants include Marie Antoinette.)
    27 May 1652 – 16 November 1671 Princess Palatine Elisabeth Charlotte, Countess Palatine of Simmern.
    16 November 1671 – 9 June 1701 Her Royal HighnessMadame, Duchess of Orléans.
    9 June 1701 – 8 December 1722 Her Royal HighnessMadame, Dowager Duchess of Orléans.
    Life and letters of Charlotte Elisabeth, Princess Palatine and mother of Philippe d'Orléans, régent de France 1652 - 1722, compiled, translated, and gathered from various published and unpublished,...
    A woman's life in the court of the Sun King : letters of Liselotte von der Pfalz, 1652–1722, Elisabeth Charlotte, Duchesse d'Orléans, translated by Elborg Forster, Johns Hopkins University Press, 1...
    • 16 November 1671 – 9 June 1701
    • 10 December 1722, Royal Basilica, Saint Denis, France
  3. Elizabeth Charlotte of the Palatinate (fl. 1620)Electress of Brandenburg and duchess of Cleves. Flourished around 1620; married George William (1595–1640), elector of Brandenburg (r. 1619–1640), duke of Cleves and Prussia; children: Frederick William (1620–1688), the Great Elector of Brandenburg (r. 1640–1688).

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    • Contributions to the feminist history of philosophy

    Elisabeth of the Palatinate, also known as Elisabeth of Bohemia, Princess Elisabeth of the Palatinate, or Princess-Abbess of Herford Abbey, was the eldest daughter of Frederick V, Elector Palatine, and Elizabeth Stuart. Elisabeth of the Palatinate was a philosopher best known for her correspondence with René Descartes. She was critical of Descartes...

    Elisabeth Simmern van Pallandt was born on December 26, 1618 in Heidelberg. She was the third of thirteen children and eldest daughter of Frederick V, Elector Palatine, and Elizabeth Stuart, daughter of James VI of Scotland and I of England and sister of Charles I. Much of Elisabeth's early life outside of her familial relations is unknown. After a...

    Throughout her adult years, Elisabeth corresponded with many renowned intellectuals of her time. By 1639, Elisabeth was corresponding with Anna Maria van Schurman, a learned woman, called the Dutch Minerva. In an early letter van Schurman offered Elisabeth guidance on what subjects to study, arguing for the usefulness of history. Elisabeth's corres...

    Elisabeth met Descartes on one of Descartes' visits to The Hague. Descartes visited The Hague to meet some of the leading intellectual figures in Holland who might support his philosophy. The Hague was often a gathering place to meet other influential, powerful people. As Descartes talked of his ideas, Elisabeth intently listened and became very in...

    Elisabeth of Bohemia has been a key subject in the feminist history of philosophy. She has garnered attention as prominent female thinker and for her practical role in the development of 17th century female scholars. Feminist scholars study her correspondences and life to understand the limitations placed on 17th century female thinkers. Some schol...

  4. 26/03/2021 · Français : Élisabeth Charlotte von Pfalz (27 mai 1652 à Heidelberg, † 8 décembre 1722 à Saint-Cloud), communément appelée Princesse Palatine, a épousé en 1672 le frère de Louis XIV, Philippe de France (« Monsieur »), ce qui a fait d'elle la duchesse d'Orléans ou « Madame ». Leur fils Philippe d'Orléans est devenu régent à la mort de Louis XIV.

  5. Elisabeth Charlotte of the Palatinate (19 November 1597 – 26 April 1660) was an Electress consort of Brandenburg as the wife of George William, Elector of Brandenburg and Duke of Prussia, and the mother of Frederick William of Brandenburg, the "Great Elector". Read more on Wikipedia

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