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  1. Elizabeth Cromwell is a character in Aphra Behn's 1681 comedic play, The Roundheads or, The Good Old Cause. William Fisk depicted Elizabeth and her children supposedly begging Oliver Cromwell to spare the king's life, in his sentimental painting Cromwell's Family Interceding for the Life of Charles I (1840).

  2. Elizabeth Wyckes, (also Wykys, or Wykes) (d. 1529) was the wife of Thomas Cromwell (1485 – 28 July 1540), Earl of Essex, and chief minister to Henry VIII of England. She was daughter to Henry Wyckes, a well-to-do clothier from Chertsey , and his wife Mercy, who married Sir John Pryor after Wyckes' death.

  3. Thomas Cromwell, primo conte di Essex (Putney, 1485 circa – Tower Hill, 28 luglio 1540), è stato un politico inglese. Servì come primo ministro di re Enrico VIII dal 1532 al 1540. Il Lord Protettore d'Inghilterra, Oliver Cromwell (1599–1658), discendeva dalla sorella di Thomas, Catherine Cromwell.

  4. 08/09/2022 · There is no risk to the public after a mercury spill in Cromwell today. In a statement, FENZ Otago Assistant Commander Craig Geddes said one crew from Cromwell attended the small spill in a house about 12.30pm. The exact size of the spill was yet to be determined, but there have been no reports of ...

  5. 23/12/2020 · The step-son of Elizabeth’s first love, Robert Dudley, Essex quickly became one of Elizabeth’s favourites despite being 34 years her junior. I n 1587, he was appointed Master of the Horse, the same post Dudley had held on Elizabeth’s accession , and in 1593, he was made a member of her Privy Council: a role which gave him considerable political influence.

  6. Born in Los Angeles but raised in Manhattan and educated at Middlebury College and Carnegie-Mellon University, James Cromwell is the son of film director John Cromwell and actress Kay Johnson. He studied acting at Carnegie-Mellon, and went into the theatre (like his parents) doing everything from Shakespeare to experimental plays.

  7. Cromwell Parade It was fun to see a number of alumni walking by while watching the Memorial day parade. I saw Paula Luna '65; John Swingen '66; The Wallent twins (Elizabeth and Victoria) '69; Jerry Seagrave and Maureen Flynn Fleet '70. And, of course, my sister Susan Butler Czaja '63. I'm sure there were dozens more.