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  1. Elizabeth Hamilton (née Schuyler / ˈ s k aɪ l ər /; August 9, 1757 – November 9, 1854), also called Eliza or Betsey, was an American socialite and philanthropist. Married to American Founding Father Alexander Hamilton , she was a defender of his works and co-founder and deputy director of Graham Windham , the first private orphanage in New York City. [3]

  2. Elizabeth Hamilton (geboren als Elisabeth Schuyler am 9. August 1757 in Albany , Provinz New York ; gestorben am 9. November 1854 in Washington, D.C. ) war eine US-amerikanische Philanthropin und Ehefrau des Politikers und Gründervaters Alexander Hamilton .

  3. Elizabeth Schuyler Hamilton was born in Albany, New York in 1757. Her first appearance in the musical is in the song Alexander Hamilton, at the very beginning of the musical. She sings about Alexander and his mother's sickness. She is first introduced as Eliza alongside her sisters, Angelica and Peggy (together known as the Schuyler sisters).

  4. Elizabeth Schuyler Hamilton was the wife of Alexander Hamilton, one of America’s founding fathers. Born in a wealthy and illustrious family, Elizabeth had a comfortable and secure childhood. Despite the fact that the ‘French and Indian War’ was fought near her childhood home, she was hardly affected by the unrest created by the war.

  5. 13/08/2020 · Elizabeth Schuyler was born on August 7, 1757, ... In one letter Angelica told Elizabeth that she loved Hamilton "very much and, if you were as generous as the old Romans, ...

  6. Elizabeth Schuyler (1757–1854) m. Alexander Hamilton (1755/7–1804), the first Secretary of the United States Treasury, and the Senior Officer of the United States Army from 1799-1800. Hamilton family; Margarita "Peggy" Schuyler (1758–1801) m. Stephen Van Rensselaer III (1764–1839) Stephen Van Rensselaer IV (1789–1868) m.

  7. 09/09/2022 · Fans of the Broadway megahit Hamilton love the show for a lot of reasons, including its inherently revolutionary spirit. It is, after all, about the Revolutionary War, and the United States ...