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    Ellis is a surname of Welsh and English origin. An independent French origin of the surname is said to derive from the phrase fleur-de-lis. Surname A. Abe ...

  2. Ellis Ashmead-Bartlett, an English journalist, was first to report the events of the Gallipoli landing in Australian newspapers. In doing so, he laid the foundations for the Anzac legend. Ashmead-Bartlett's report was published in Australia on 8 May 1915.

  3. Hugh Dancy (Staffordshire, 19 de junio de 1975) es un actor y modelo británico.. Actor de cine, teatro y televisión conocido por ser el protagonista de la serie de NBC Hannibal (2013-2015) y por papeles en películas como Adam (2009), Hechizada (2004), El atardecer (2007), Conociendo a Jane Austen (2007), Hysteria (2012) o Downton Abbey: Una Nueva Era (2022).

  4. Murdoch agreed to carry a letter from Ashmead-Bartlett to the British Prime Minister H. H. Asquith in London, written on 8 September, presenting his uncensored report of the situation. Hamilton quickly learned about the existence of this letter (another British reporter, Henry Nevinson , has been blamed for this but his biography points to an official Royal Navy war photographer). [5]

  5. 08/04/2022 · Two weeks later, various Australian newspapers published a flattering account of the landing by the British war correspondent Ellis Ashmead-Bartlett. Many Australians, then and now, saw the landing and the Australians’ deeds as a rite of passage for their fledgling country.

  6. 休·丹西(Hugh Dancy),1975年6月19日出生于特伦特河畔斯托克,英国演员。2006年,凭借《伊丽莎白一世》获得第58届艾美奖最佳电视电影男配角提名。2009年,他凭借电影《亚当》,获得2009年金卫星奖最佳男主角提名。2013年,他在美剧《汉尼拔》中饰演FBI的特别调查顾问威尔·格雷厄姆,凭借此剧获得 ...

  7. 28/06/2022 · London in Gloom over Gallipoli; Captain Fortescue in Book and Ashmead-Bartlett in Lecture Declare Campaign Lost. New York Times. 1915-10-28 [2018-09-09]. (原始內容存檔於2018-09-16). Fromkin, David. A Peace to End All Peace: The Fall of the Ottoman Empire and the Creation of the Modern Middle East. New York: Henry Holt and Co. 1989.