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  1. Mario Francis Puzo (Manhattan, Nueva York, 15 de octubre de 1920-West Bay Shore, Long Island, Nueva York, 2 de julio de 1999) fue un escritor y guionista estadounidense descendiente de italianos, conocido como el literato de la mafia, especialmente por su obra maestra El padrino (1969).

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    Mario Francis Puzo (/ ˈ p uː z oʊ /; Italian: [ˈmaːrjo ˈputtso, -ddzo]; October 15, 1920 – July 2, 1999) was an American author, screenwriter, and journalist. He is known for his crime novels about the Italian-American Mafia and Sicilian Mafia , most notably The Godfather (1969), which he later co-adapted into a film trilogy directed by Francis Ford Coppola .

  3. 28/04/2022 · A Seat at the Table: Directed by Dexter Fletcher. With Miles Teller, Matthew Goode, Dan Fogler, Burn Gorman. Al Ruddy gets the job of producing an adaptation of the bestselling novel "The Godfather" for Paramount Pictures, but rising crime boss Joe Colombo has a different fate planned for the film.

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  6. 28/04/2022 · Erika: Well, the guys you grew up with, they didn't start out so different from you -- immigrants. They eat, they drink, they love, they cry. They worry about their kids' futures, just like us.

  7. 28/04/2022 · Most Pilot-y Line: Puzo’s wife Erika (Victoria Kelleher) gets the ball rolling to get the debt monkey off their backs, and inadvertently inspires capital-H History: “F— art, Mario.