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  1. Grandees of Spain ( Spanish: Grandes de España) are the highest-ranking members of the Spanish nobility. They comprise nobles who hold the most important historical landed titles in Spain or its former colonies. Many such hereditary titles are held by heads of families, having been acquired via strategic marriages between landed families.

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    A Grandeza de España (grandeeship) is a separate legal entity from a title of nobility, although grandezas are normally but not exclusively granted in conjunction with a title. Since the 20th century invariably the King of Spain has conferred a Grandeza de España upon any newly created duke .

  3. The Grandes de España are the highest ranking members of the Spanish nobility. Their ranks are made up of those nobles holding the most important historical landed titles in Spain. In the modern day, many of these titles overlap or are held by the same person. Strategic marriages have collected titles under certain noble houses over time.

  4. List of current Grandees of Spain * House of Peers (Spain) A Duke of Abrantes Manuel de Acevedo y Zúñiga Esperanza Aguirre Duke of Alba Giulio Alberoni Duke of Alcalá de los Gazules Diego del Alcázar, 10th Marquis of la Romana Alfonso, Duke of Anjou and Cádiz Beltrán Alfonso Osorio, 18th Duke of Alburquerque Alfred, 2nd Prince of Montenuovo

  5. Luis Méndez de Haro, 6th Marquis of Carpio or Luis Méndez de Haro y Guzmán, Grandee of Spain (in full, Spanish: Don Luis Méndez de Haro Guzmán y Sotomayor de la Paz, sexto marqués del Carpio, segundo conde de Morente, quinto conde y tercer duque de Olivares, segundo marqués de Eliche, primer duque de Montoro, 3 veces Grande de España, Comendador …