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  1. After Christian I's death in 1591, she had the Calvinist Chancellor Nikolaus Krell, an opponent of Lutheran orthodoxy, imprisoned at the Königstein Fortress, and in 1601 had him executed at the Dresden Neumarkt. In allusion to the pious widow Judith in the Book of Judith, the orthodox Lutherans thereafter celebrated her as "Judith of Saxony".

  2. POMERANIA: Gerhard VI, Count of Holstein-Rendsburg 1367–1404: Maria of Mecklenburg: Wartislaw VII, Duke of Pomerania: Olaf IV 1370–1380–1387: OLDENBURG: WITTELSBACH: Helvig of Schauenburg 1398–1436: Dietrich, Count of Oldenburg 1398–1440: Eric III r. 1389–1442 lived 1381–1459: Catherine Vratislava 1390–1426: John, Count Palatine ...

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