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  1. Los años 1560 o década del 1560 empezó el 1 de enero de 1560 y terminó el 31 de diciembre de 1569. Acontecimientos. 1566 - Pío V sucede a Pío IV como papa. 1564 - Nacimiento de Galileo Galilei en Pisa. 1564 - Nacimiento o bautismo de William Shakespeare. 1567 - Nacimiento o bautismo de Carlo Monteverdi. 1567 - Se funda Caracas, capital de Venezuela.

  2. Jean Nicot introduce el tabaco en la corte de Francia. Se proclama la bula de creación del Concilio de Trento. Laos - La ciudad de Vientián es nombrada la capital del Reino de Lan Xang, el Reino del Millón de Elefantes. Oda Nobunaga derrota a Imagawa Yoshimoto en la batalla de Okehazama.

  3. La década de los años 1560 a. C. comenzó el 1 de enero de 1569 a. C. y terminó el 31 de diciembre de 1560 a. C. Corresponde al siglo XVI a. C. Acontecimientos [ editar] Personajes importantes [ editar] Enlaces externos [ editar] Wikimedia Commons alberga una categoría multimedia sobre Años 1560 a. C..

  4. Categoría:1560 - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre Categoría:1560 Temas, acontecimientos y noticias relacionados con el año 1560 . Wikimedia Commons alberga una categoría multimedia sobre el año 1560. Wikisource contiene obras originales sobre el año 1560. Subcategorías

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    1. January 7 – In the Kingdom of Scotland, French troops commanded by Henri Cleutin and Captain Corbeyran de Cardaillac Sarlabous sail across the Firth of Forth from Leith, which they are occupying, and fight with the Lords of the Congregation at Pettycur Bay near Kinghorn. 2. February 27 – Treaty of Berwick: Terms are agreed upon with the Lords of the Congregation in Scotland, for forces of the Kingdom of England to enter Scotland, to expel French troops defending the Regency of Mary of Guis...


    1. July 6 – The Treaty of Edinburgh is signed between England, France and Scotland, ending the Siege of Leith. The French withdraw from Scotland, largely ending the Auld Alliancebetween the two countries, and also ending the wars between England and its northern neighbour. 2. August 2 – Livonian War – Battle of Ergeme: Russians defeat the Livonian Brothers of the Sword, precipitating the dissolution of the order. 3. August 17 – The Scottish Reformation Parliament adopts a Protestant confessio...

    Date unknown

    1. The complete Geneva Bibleis published. 2. The first tulip bulb is brought from Constantinople to the Netherlands (probable date). 3. The first scientific society, the Academia Secretorum Naturae, is founded in Naples by Giambattista della Porta. 4. Solihull School is founded in the West Midlandsof England. 5. The oldest surviving violin (dated inside), known as the Charles IX, is made in Cremona, in northern Italy. 6. Bairam Khan loses power in the Mughal Empire. 7. The Mongols invade and...

    January 3 – John Bois, English scholar (d. 1643)
    January 17 – Gaspard Bauhin, Swiss botanist (d. 1624)
    January 29 – Scipione Dentice, Neapolitan keyboard composer (d. 1633)
    March 13 – William Louis, Count of Nassau-Dillenburg, Dutch count (d. 1620)
    January 1 – Joachim du Bellay, French poet (b. 1522)
    January 8 – Jan Łaski, Polish Protestant evangelical reformer (b. 1499)
    January 22 – Wang Zhi, Chinese pirate
    February 7 – Bartolommeo Bandinelli, Florentine sculptor (b. 1493)
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    January 11 – May 6 – The first recorded lottery in England is performed nonstop, at the west door of St Paul's Cathedral. Each share costs ten shillings, and proceeds are used to repair harbours, and for other public works. March 13 – Battle of Jarnac: Royalist troops under Marshal Gaspard de Tavannes surprise and defeat the Huguenots ...

  7. 1580. 1580 ( MDLXXX) fue un año bisiesto comenzado en viernes del calendario juliano, y un año bisiesto comenzado en martes del calendario gregoriano proléptico .