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  1. 26/04/2022 · Afterwards, most of her many children, having few prospects in France, set sail for England and the court of Henry, their half-brother. ----- Isabella of Angoulême From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Isabella of Angoulême (Fr. Isabelle d'Angoulême ; c. 1187 – May 31, 1246) was countess of Angoulême and queen consort of England.

  2. John was born in 1316 at Eltham Palace, Kent.On 6 October 1328, at the age of twelve, he was created Earl of Cornwall.Caught in the throes of the war between his father, Edward II, and his mother, Isabella, his growing years were turbulent.

  3. Early life. The identity of John's mother is not known, nor is his date of birth. However, since Katherine, Richard III's other illegitimate child, was old enough to be wedded in 1484 and John was old enough to be knighted in September 1483 in York Minster (when his half brother Edward, Richard's only legitimate heir, was invested Prince of Wales) and to be made Captain of Calais in March 1485 ...

  4. Karel was een van de grote feodale heren van Frankrijk met grote bezittingen aan de Loire (Blois en het hertogdom Orléans) en ten noorden van Parijs (in Luxemburg en de heerlijkheid Coucy aan de Marne). Hij trouwde in 1407 met Isabella van Valois, een dochter van koning Karel VI. Zij stierf in 1409 in het kraambed.

  5. Anna (1323–3 settembre 1338), gemella di Isabella, sposò il 16 febbraio 1335 il duca d'Austria, Ottone IV d'Asburgo. Isabel (1323–1324), gemella di Anna. Giovanni dalla seconda moglie, Beatrice di Borbone, ebbe due figli: Venceslao (25 febbraio 1337, Praga–7 dicembre 1383, Lussemburgo), duca di Lussemburgo e duca di Brabante e Limburgo ...

  6. Ludwig von Valois, Herzog von Orléans, Graf von Angoulême (* 13.März 1372; † 23. November 1407), war ein Sohn des französischen Königs Karl V. und der Johanna von Bourbon sowie jüngerer Bruder des französischen Königs Karl VI.