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  1. Felix Frankfurter (November 15, 1882 – February 22, 1965) was an Austrian-American lawyer, professor, and jurist who served as an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States. Frankfurter served on the Supreme Court from 1939 to 1962 and was a noted advocate of judicial restraint in the judgments of the Court.

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  2. felix frankfurter ( 15 de noviembre de 1882, viena, austria-hungría - estados unidos, washington d. c., 22 de febrero de 1965) fue un abogado, profesor y jurista austriaco - estadounidense de origen judío que se desempeñó como juez asociado de la corte suprema de los estados unidos frankfurter sirvió en la corte suprema desde 1939 hasta 1962 y …

  3. Felix Frankfurter, (born Nov. 15, 1882, Vienna, Austria-Hungary—died Feb. 22, 1965, Washington, D.C., U.S.), associate justice of the United States Supreme Court (1939–62), a noted scholar and teacher of law, who was in his time the high court’s leading exponent of the doctrine of judicial self-restraint.

  4. Felix Frankfurter (1882–1965) championed civil rights during 23 years as a justice on the Supreme Court, but he frequently voted to limit civil liberties, believing that government had a duty to protect itself and the public from assault and that the Court should exercise judicial restraint to promote democratic processes.

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    In 1922, Roscoe Pound and Felix Frankfurter undertook a detailed quantitative study of crime reporting in Cleveland, Ohio, newspapersfor January 1919, counting column inches. They found that whereas, in the first half of the month, the total amount of space given over to crime was 925 inches, in the second half it leapt to 6,642 inches. This was in...

    On January 5, 1939, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt nominated Frankfurter to the U.S. Supreme Court. He served from January 30, 1939, to August 28, 1962. Despite his liberal political leanings, Frankfurter became the court's most outspoken advocate of judicial restraint, the view that courts should not interpret the fundamental law, the constit...

    There are two extensive collections of Frankfurter's papers: one at the Manuscript Division of the Library of Congressand the other at Harvard University. Both are fully open for research and have been distributed to other libraries on microfilm. A chapter of the Aleph Zadik Aleph is named in his honor. Frankfurter published several books including...

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  5. Felix Frankfurter (15 de noviembre de 1882 – 22 de febrero de 1965) fue un jurista estadounidense y Juez Asociado de la Corte Suprema de 1939 a 1962. Nombrado por Franklin Delano Roosevelt, fue el principal exponente de la doctrina de la autocontrol judicial.

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    Felix Frankfurter (15 de noviembre de 1882 – 22 de febrero de 1965) fue un jurista, que sirvió como un Justicia del asociado de la Corte Suprema de Estados Unidos. Frankfurter fue llevado en Viena y immigrated a Nueva York a la edad de 12.