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  1. 01/02/2019 · Princess Elise the Third (ソレアナ公女エリス3世, Soreana Kōjo Erisu 3-sei?, lit. "Soleanna Princess Elise the Third") is a fictional character in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. She is a human girl and the current sovereign of Soleanna, being the last surviving member of the once-great royal family that rules the city and its kingdom. The daughter of the Duke and Duchess of Soleanna ...

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    When Elise was seven years old, she was with her father, the Duke of Soleanna, when he tried to extract energy from the sun god of Soleanna, Solaris. The experiment accidentally splits the deity in two entities, but the Duke manages to transfer one half, Iblis, into Elise. He then tells her that she must never cry, as that would release the destructive Iblis, also known as the "Flames of Disaster." In the present time of the game, Elise celebrates the Festival of the Sun in Soleanna. Doctor Eggm...

    “ We give thanks for the blessed flames. May we always continue to have peace. Sun of Soleanna, guide and watch over us with your eternal light... „ ~ Elise's thanks to the sun god of Soleanna before lighting up the eternal flame. “ I have no words to express how grateful I am for your help. „ ~ Elise being glad after Sonic saved her. “ The name of the sun god our country honors is Solaris... It is told that Solaris's rage would destroy the world. His wrath comes in the form of ...

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  2. Princess Elise es un personaje que aparece en la serie de cómics de Sonic the Hedgehog y sus spin-offs publicados por Archie Comics. Ella es la monarca de Soleanna. Como líder de esta ciudad-estado, Elise está aliada con la Federación Unida, donde ella representa a Soleanna y sirve como consejera del Presidente de la Federación Unida. Elise es la hija del Duque y Duquesa de Soleanna ...

  3. Princess Elise is the beloved ruler of the peaceful city of Soleanna. During the Festival of the Sun, the city is attacked by Doctor Eggman who is seeking the secret to a powerful weapon, the "Flames of Disaster," that will help him take over the world, which Elise possesses. However, Sonic arrives and helps Elise escape, though Eggman quickly ...

  4. Princess Elise, also known as Princess Elise the Third is the ruler of the city-state of Soleanna. As the leader, she is allied with the United Federation. She once encountered Sonic and friends in an adventure that was ultimately erased from the timeline. Princess Elise is the only daughter of the Duke of Soleanna. Her mother died shortly after her birth, an event that which saddened Elise ...

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    • Human/Overlander
    • Duke of Soleanna (Father) †
    • Princess of Soleanna.
  5. Princess Elise is the princess of Soleanna, and one of the major characters in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006), though not playable. 10 years prior to the events of the game, her father, the Duke of Soleanna, used a sacred flame to create the sun god, Solaris. However, Solaris was violent and caused an explosion that mortally wounded the duke before splitting into two halves, Iblis and Mephiles the ...

  6. Deseo salvar al mundo. Deseo limpiar el pecado de mi padre. Y deseo hablar con Sonic... ¡Una vez más!. — Princesa Elise III, Sonic the Hedgehog (2006). La Princesa Elise III (ソレアナ公女エリス3世, Soreana Kimijo Erisu 3-sei?, lit. "Princesa de Soleanna, Elise la Tercera") es un personaje originario de Sonic the Hedgehog (2006). Es la actual soberana de Soleanna e hija del Duque ...

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