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  1. Fitzwilliam College is a modern, welcoming community committed to developing the talents of all its 750 undergraduate and postgraduate students. One of 31 Cambridge colleges, we were founded in 1869 specifically to broaden access to the University of Cambridge.

  2. Fitzwilliam College is a constituent college of the University of Cambridge. The college traces its origins back to 1869 and the foundation of the Non-Collegiate Students Board, a venture intended to offer academically excellent students of all backgrounds a chance to study at the university.

  3. Fitzwilliam College is a modern and dynamic international community, committed to developing the talents of all its 750 undergraduate and postgraduate students. Since 1966, we have been one of the 31 colleges which make up the University of Cambridge, but we were founded as Fitzwilliam Hall in 1869 with the distinct purpose of supporting ...

  4. Fitzwilliam College combines the best of Cambridge tradition with a forward-thinking approach, qualities which are perfectly summed up by our motto: ‘the best of old and new’. We were founded in 1869 with an aim to broaden access to the University.

  5. Admissions. The Admissions team manage the administrative process involved in applying to study at Fitzwilliam.

  6. Fitzwilliam College – affectionately known as Fitz – is a friendly and welcoming community, founded in 1869 to widen access to Cambridge. With about 140 students in each year, our students and staff create an amazing community and make sure that the college is a warm and supportive space for both studying and socialising.

  7. 剑桥大学菲茨威廉学院Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge),为纪念菲茨威廉子爵七世而建,是剑桥大学的学院之一。 该学院的特点是友好、多元化,尊重传统而敢于创新。 菲茨威廉学院享有较高的学术声誉,曾培育了多位 诺贝尔奖 得主,包括Sir Charles Scott Sherrington (1932年诺贝尔药学奖得主,研究神经元功能)、Albert Szent-Györgyi(1937年诺贝尔药学奖得主,研究维生素)、César Milstein(1984年诺贝尔药学奖得主,研究单克隆抗体)、Joseph Stiglitz(2001年诺贝尔经济学奖得主,研究自由市场)Angus Deaton(2015年诺贝尔经济学奖得主,研究消费、贫困和福利)等。