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  1. The following languages are listed as having at least 50 million first-language speakers in the 26th edition of Ethnologue published in 2023. [7] Entries Ethnologue identifies as macrolanguages (such as Arabic, Lahnda, Persian, Malay, Pashto, and Chinese, encompassing all their respective varieties) are not included in this section.

  2. Secondary language: spoken as a second language by more than 20% of the population, de facto working language of government, language of instruction in education, etc. Percentage of Americans aged 5+ speaking English at home in each Microdata Area (PUMA) of the 50 states, Washington, D.C. , and Puerto Rico , according to the 2016–2021 five-year American Community Survey Knowledge of the ...

  3. Foreign language anxiety, also known as xenoglossophobia, is the feeling of unease, worry, nervousness and apprehension experienced in learning or using a second or foreign language. The feelings may stem from any second language context whether it is associated with the productive skills of speaking and writing or the receptive skills of ...

  4. Foreign-language writing aid. A foreign language writing aid is a computer program or any other instrument that assists a non-native language user (also referred to as a foreign language learner) in writing decently in their target language. Assistive operations can be classified into two categories: on-the-fly prompts and post-writing checks.

  5. A foreign language is a language that is not the official language of a country. Native speakers (people who can speak their first learned language) from that country usually need to learn the language through lessons, self-teaching, or language courses. This short article can be made longer. You can help Wikipedia by adding to it.

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    ILR scale. The Interagency Language Roundtable scale is a set of descriptions of abilities to communicate in a language. It is the standard grading scale for language proficiency in the United States 's Federal-level service. It was originally developed by the Interagency Language Roundtable (ILR), which included representation by United States ...

  7. The teaching of Chinese as a foreign language in the People's Republic of China started in 1950 at Tsinghua University, initially serving students from Eastern Europe. Starting with Bulgaria in 1952, China also dispatched Chinese teachers abroad, and by the early 1960s had sent teachers afar as the Congo, Cambodia, Yemen and France.