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  1. How is the word forget distinct from other similar verbs? Some common synonyms of forget are disregard, ignore, neglect, overlook, and slight. While all these words mean "to pass over without giving due attention," forget may suggest either a willful ignoring or a failure to impress something on one's mind. forget what others say.

  2. To forget (about) is to stop thinking about someone or something, or to stop thinking about doing something: [ T ] I wish I could forget him but I can’t. [ I ] I’m afraid we’ll have to forget about going to the beach – it’s raining .

  3. to stop thinking about. olvidarse de. For most soldiers it’s difficult to forget about the horrors of war. Para la mayoría de los soldados es difícil olvidarse de los horrores de la guerra. forget it. indicates that sth is not important enough to worry about. olvídate.

  4. Conjugar el verbo forget inglés, modelos de conjugación inglés, verbos irregulares. Busque la traducción en contexto para forget y su definición. Modelo : forget. Auxiliar : have, be. Otras formas: forget oneself / not forget. Conjugue también: cripple, thrive, function, grease, govern, cross-check, dial, regret, dispute, unravel.

  5. verbo transitivo. 1. (en general) a. olvidar. to forget to do something olvidarse de hacer algo. to forget how to do something olvidar cómo se hace algo. to be forgotten (by) caer en el olvido (de) 2. (coloquial) a. forget it! olvídalo.

  6. 1. to cease to remember; be unable to recall: to forget a name. 2. to omit or neglect unintentionally: I forgot to lock the gate. 3. to leave behind unintentionally: to forget one's keys. 4. to fail to think of; take no note of (often used imperatively): Forget cooking, let's eat out tonight.

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