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  1. 23 de may. de 2023 · Deborah Read Birth Date: 00.00.1708 Death date: 19.12.1774 Categories: Philosopher, Politician, Revolutionary, Scientist Cemetery: Set cemetery Deborah Read Franklin ( c. 1708 – December 19, 1774) was the common-law spouse of inventor, printer, thinker, revolutionary and one of the Founding Fathers of the United States, Benjamin Franklin.

  2. 6 de may. de 2023 · Deborah Franklin gave birth to two children. Their first child, a boy, named Francis Folger Franklin died in 1736 at age four of smallpox, a contagious disease that causes fever, vomiting and skin eruptions. Their daughter Sarah was born in 1743. Sarah married Richard Bache on October 29, 1767, and moved into her parents’ recently ...

  3. 25 de may. de 2023 · Benjamin Franklin described his mother, Abiah Folger, as a discreet and virtuous woman who molded his values. She also gave him space for creative activities, enabling the development of his fertile mind.

  4. 25 de may. de 2023 · The first, Francis Folger Franklin, born October 1732, died of smallpox in 1736. Their second child, Sarah Franklin , familiarly called Sally, was born in 1743. She eventually married Richard Bache , had seven children, and cared for her father in his old age.

  5. 26 de may. de 2023 · Benjamin Franklin had two sons: William who later became governor of New Jersey and Francis Folger who died of smallpox at a early age. He also had a daughter named Sarah who married Richard Bache. 7. What was the name of James Franklin's newspaper? Answer: New England Courant

  6. 4 de may. de 2023 · Gemeinsam hatten Benjamin und Deborah Franklin zwei weitere Kinder: Francis Folger Franklin (1732–1736), der noch im Kindesalter an den Pocken starb, und Sarah Franklin Bache (1743–1808), die 1767 den Kaufmann Richard Bache heiratete. Populäre Jahrbücher: Poor Richard’s Almanack

  7. 9 de may. de 2023 · Franklin Folger Female Portrait Study Etchings and Drypoints, Circa 1970 | EBTH. Franklin Lewis Folger was a Cincinnati artist known for his widely syndicated comic strip The Girls, which ran in hundreds of newspapers from 1952 – 1977. In the series, Folger created caricatures ...

  8. Hace 1 día · Rosalind Elsie Franklin (25 July 1920 – 16 April 1958) [1] was a British chemist and X-ray crystallographer whose work was central to the understanding of the molecular structures of DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid), RNA (ribonucleic acid), viruses, coal, and graphite. [2]

  9. 16 de may. de 2023 · 9 followers. Follow 9. 5 months ago. WHAT IS A TRUE VACCINE? - A BRIEF HISTORY OF THE VACCINE. Embed. Share. 14.

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  11. 15 de may. de 2023 · Benjamin franklin had two sons and one daughter. his sons were william franklin and francis folger franklin, and his daughter was sarah franklin bache. francis and sarah were born in his marriage to d.

  12. 26 de may. de 2023 · Sir John Franklin, (born April 16, 1786, Spilsby, Lincolnshire, England—died June 11, 1847, near King William Island, British Arctic Islands [now in Nunavut territory, Canada]), English rear admiral and explorer who led an ill-fated expedition (1845) in search of the Northwest Passage, a Canadian Arctic waterway connecting the ...

  13. 11 de may. de 2023 · Benejamin Franklin (1706-1790) made a statesman, author, publish, scientist, inventor, diplomat, a Founding Father and ampere leading frame of early American history.

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