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  1. Benjamin Franklin "Frank" McGrath (February 2, 1903 – May 13, 1967) was an American television and film actor and stunt performer who played the comical, optimistic cook with the white beard, Charlie B. Wooster, on the western series Wagon Train for five seasons on NBC and then three seasons on ABC.

  2. Frank McGrath (born August 9, 1978, in St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador) is a Canadian IFBB professional bodybuilder and model. McGrath is perhaps best known for his association with the ANIMAL fitness brand, becoming essentially the face of the brand from 2003 - 2018.

    • (In Season) 235 – 255lb, (Off-Season) 300 lb
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    Frank McGrath was born on February 2, 1903 in Mound City, Missouri, USA. He was an actor, known for The Reluctant Astronaut (1967), Wagon Train (1957) and Tammy and the Millionaire (1967). He was previously married to Libby Quay Buschlen. He died on May 13, 1967 in Hollywood, California, USA.

    • February 2, 1903
    • May 13, 1967
  4. Frank McGrath (actor) (1903–1967), American television actor. Frank McGrath (footballer) (1917–2008), Australian rules footballer. Frank McGrath (bodybuilder) (born 1978), IFBB professional bodybuilder. Frank McGrath (American football) (1904–1990), American football player.

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    1. 2000 Newfoundland Championships Heavyweight & Overall, 1st 2. 2001 Canadian Championships Superheavyweight, 6th 3. 2003 Canadian Championships Superheavyweight & Overall, 1st 4. 2004 Toronto Pro Invitational, 12th 5. 2009 IFBB Tampa Bay Pro Open, 9th 6. 2011 IFBB Tampa Bay Pro Open, 3rd 7. 2011 IFBB Toronto Pro Invitational Open, 4th 8. 2011 IFBB Olympia, 16th 9. 2011 IFBB Pro Bodybuilding Weekly Championships, 3rd 10. 2013 IFBB Toronto Pro Supershow, 4th 11. 2015 IFBB Ferrigno Legacy, 6th

    Early Years

    Frank was born and raised in Newfoundland, Canada. He says that he was the “small kid”growing up and was always terrible at sports. Some of his earliest memories were of watching superhero movies, and wishing he could be as strong as the figures on screen. As he entered his pre-teens, he says that he wanted to find superheroes in the real world. Because of this, he began to follow famous bodybuilders such as Arnold Schwarzenegger– seeing them as the embodiment of everything he wanted to be.

    Beginning To Train

    While Newfoundland is a very small Canadian province, it has a long standing tradition of bodybuilding and strength competitions. Because of this, Frank was aware of the bodybuilding lifestyle, and he began training as a teen with the vision of building a physique just like Arnold’s. He rapidly learned about bodybuilding nutrition, and soaked up all the training tips he could from his peers. Through this, he gradually developed a competition ready physique.

    Going For The Pro Card

    Luckily for Frank, Newfoundland had an amateur competition he could enter; the Newfoundland Championships. He knew that the 2000 event could be his for the taking, so he began training hard with the intention of competing. He managed to get ready for the competition in good time, and won the competitions heavyweight category outright – bagging the overall trophy as well. Winning this event qualified him for the 2001 and 2003 Canadian Championships Superheavyweight category. In the first event...

    Training After His Injuries

    Frank says that people constantly ask him about the injuries he suffered in the car crash in relation to his training. He says that he doesn’t know if he has fully recovered, but he can still train hard and still has the drive inside him to be the best.

    Heavy Weights

    When Frank lifts, he lifts heavy and tries to constantly push past his personal bests. On the incline bench press, he can easily lift 315 pounds for 10 reps, without much effort. He loves to hit his shoulders very hard too. During a shoulder session, he typically focuses on side laterals and presses. He starts the session with dumbbell side laterals, with an intention of adding lean muscle to the medial head of the deltoid. Following this, he begins to push out military presses, locking some...

    Building His Famous Arms

    Frank has some of the most widely discussed arms in bodybuilding. When it comes to training his biceps and triceps, he goes typically hard and completes a lengthy workout. He sometimes completes two arm workouts in one week, combining free weight movements, with new machine movements that he has gradually incorporated for variety. He usually begins with a barbell curl, using the EZ Curl Bar. Following this, he may begin with an assault of one armed dumbbell preacher curls – pushing his biceps...

    Advice To Younger Athlete’s

    When it comes to nutrition, Frank’s message to all young bodybuilders trying to build their physique is simply “eat your face off.” He says that nothing can replace a healthy and nutritious diet that meets the individuals caloric needs.

    Favorite Meals

    Frank loves to start the day well with a hearty and nutritious breakfast. One such meal when he was visiting Philadelphia, was poached eggs with pancakes, breakfast meats and orange juice. He occasionally eats out after a workout too. During the off-season he eats whatever he wants as long as it hits his macronutrient needs. This can range from a large burger, to an omelette with meat.

    Protein Based Recipes

    When he is not eating out, Frank meets his own macronutrient and caloric needs by cooking a lot of his own meals. He loves to cook when he can – providing many of his favorite recipes to his fans via social media. Frank also enjoys adding protein powder to various traditional recipes to make treats. He sees that if something tastes like junk food, but is very healthy, you have the best of both worlds. His recipe for protein brownies is below: Ingredients · 2 Eggs · 2 Bananas · ¼ cup of Apples...

    Franks McGrath is a fighter. He has fought through two serious injuries, and continues to make his mark in the professional bodybuilding world. Without this dedication, it would’ve been be hard for him to have made it from Newfoundland, to the Mr Olympia tournament of 2011. Apply the same level of determination in your own fitness journey and who k...

  5. 17 de nov. de 2022 · El culturista canadiense Frank McGrath es un rostro muy conocido en el mundo del culturismo. Aunque no haya ganado muchos títulos , Frank fue conocido hasta convertirse en chico publicitario de las marcas de suplementos Universal Nutrition y Animal.

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