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    Howard Winchester Hawks was born in Goshen, Indiana. He was the first-born child of Frank Winchester Hawks (1865–1950), a wealthy paper manufacturer, and his wife, Helen Brown (née Howard; 1872–1952), the daughter of a wealthy industrialist.

  2. 08/01/2022 · Winchester, VA ... Atlanta Hawks guard Trae Young (11) ... “What we love about him is that he can create, and he can be a finisher,” Lakers coach Frank Vogel said.

  3. The .35 Winchester (colloquially .35 Win) cartridge was created in 1903 by the Winchester Repeating Arms Company for use in the Winchester Model 1895 lever-action rifle, and was also available in the bolt action Remington-Lee, or the Model E-10 Factory Sporter Ross Rifle in Canada.

  4. Howard Hawks [ˈ h a ʊ ə ɹ d h ɔ k s] [1], né le 30 mai 1896 à Goshen, dans l'Indiana, aux États-Unis, et mort le 26 décembre 1977 à Palm Springs, en Californie, aux États-Unis, est un réalisateur, producteur et scénariste américain.

  5. Howard Winchester Hawks (* 30. Mai 1896 in Goshen, Indiana; † 26. Dezember 1977 in Palm Springs, Kalifornien) war ein US-amerikanischer Regisseur der klassischen Ära Hollywoods. Hawks profilierte sich genreübergreifend als einer der wichtigsten amerikanischen Filmregisseure seiner Generation.

  6. By Chuck Hawks. Commercial hunting of the Western "buffalo" (actually American bison) was widespread from the early 1870's to the early 1880's. The slaughter of the bison reached its peak in 1875 and 1876, declining after 1880. The last great buffalo herd was annihilated in 1884, marking the end of an era.

  7. The velocity and energy figures in this table are taken from various sources including the Federal, Remington, Weatherby and Winchester ammunition guides and the 9th Edition of the book Cartridges of the World by Frank C. Barnes and edited by M.L. McPherson.