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  1. Frederick Robinson, 1. er conde de Ripon, PC (Londres, 1 de noviembre de 1782-Putney Heath, Londres, 28 de enero de 1859), más conocido como 1. er vizconde de Goderich, fue un político y estadista británico que ocupó el cargo de Primer Ministro del Reino Unido. Biografía. Frederick Robinson nació con el título nobiliario de 2.º Barón Grantham.

  2. 28/10/2022 · Frederick John Robinson, 1st earl of Ripon, (born Nov. 1, 1782, London, Eng.—died Jan. 28, 1859, Putney, Surrey), prime minister of Great Britain from August 1827 to January 1828. He received from the radical journalist William Cobbett the sardonic nicknames “Prosperity Robinson” (for his unwarranted optimism on the eve of the 1825 economic crisis) and “Goody Goderich.”

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  3. 12/11/2015 · Frederick John Robinson was the younger son of the 2 nd Baron Grantham, and was raised mainly by his mother, the daughter of the 2 nd Earl of Hardwicke, after his father died when he was three...

  4. Frederick John Robinson (1 de noviembre de 1782-28 de enero de 1859) fue un político británico. También conocido como Vizconde Goderich, fue parte del Partido Conservador. Fue Primer Ministro del Reino Unido desde el 31 de agosto de 1827 hasta el 22 de enero de 1828.

  5. Frederick John Robinson, 1st Earl of Ripon, PC, styled The Honourable F. J. Robinson until 1827 and known between 1827 and 1833 as The Viscount Goderich, the name by which he is best known to history, was a British politician who served as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 1827 to 1828. A member of the rural landowning aristocracy, Robinson entered politics through family connections. In the House of Commons, he rose through junior ministerial ranks, achieving cabinet office in 1818 as P

  6. 03/05/2022 · Frederick John Robinson, 1st Earl of Ripon, PC (1 November 1782 – 28 January 1859), better known with the title The 1st Viscount Goderich, was a British statesman and Prime Minister. He was born to the 2nd Baron Grantham and his wife, the former Lady Mary Yorke.

  7. Frederick John Robinson, 1st Earl of Ripon (1782-1859), Prime Minister Regency Portraits Catalogue Entry Sitter in 20 portraits Statesman. He served in various Tory ministries and was responsible for introducing protective Corn Laws in 1815.