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  1. As son and heir of Frederick IV, Elector Palatine (1574–1610), Frederick was the hereditary ruler of the Palatinate. Frederick was born on 26 August 1596 was born at the hunting lodge ( German: Jagdschloss) in Deinschwang, Palatinate (present-day Lauterhofen, Germany ). His father, Frederick IV, was the ruler of Electoral Palatinate; his mother was ...

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    Frederick was born in Deinschwang near Amberg in 1596 as the eldest son of Frederick IV, Elector Palatine. He succeeded his father in 1610. In 1619 the estates and people of Bohemia rebelled against the Habsburgs and offered Frederick the crown. Frederick accepted the crown, but was unable to get support from his allies in the Protestant Union. The Czechs had offered the crown to several princes throughout Europe, including the Prince of Transylvania, and the Habsburgs used evidence of their duplicity to decrease sympathy for their plight. In 1620 the Protestant Union signed the Treaty of Ulm. Frederick lost the Battle of White Mountain on 8 November 1620 and left Bohemia to return to the Palatinate. The Imperial forces then attacked the Palatinate and Frederick fled to Holland in July 1622. In 1623 the Palatinate and its electoral vote was formally granted by the Imperial Diet to Bavaria. Frederick died in Mainzin 1632.

    Frederick gained the derisive title "Winter's King" after he accepted the crown of Bohemia - the Empire considered that he would not survive as King past the winter. Although Frederick survived as King through the winter and managed to reign for a year and four days, the nickname stuck.

    Frederick married Elizabeth Stuart (19 August 1596 - 13 February 1662), daughter of King James I of England and Scotland, on 14 February 1613 and had the following children: 1. Frederick Henry(1 January 1614 - 7 January 1629) 2. Charles Louis(1 January 1618 - 28 August 1680) 3. Elizabeth(5 January 1619 - 21 February 1680) 4. Rupert(7 December 1619 - 29 November 1682) 5. Maurice(6 January 1621 - September 1652) 6. Louise Maria(28 April 1622 - 11 February 1709) 7. Louis (31 August 1624 – 24 December 1625) 8. Edward(16 October 1624 - 23 March 1663) 9. Henrietta Maria(17 July 1626 - 20 December 1651) 10. John Philip Frederick(6 October 1627 - 15 December 1650) 11. Charlotte (19 December 1628 – 24 January 1631) 12. Sophia(23 October 1630 - 8 June 1714) 13. Gustavus Adolphus (14 January 1632 - 9 January 1641)

  2. Philip Frederick of The Palatinate was born on September 16 1627, in The Hague, to Frederick V, Elector Palatine. Philip passed away on December 16 1650, at age 23 in Rethel. Frederick Henry (Hereditary Prince of the Palatinate) Palatinate, 1614 - 1629

  3. Frederick II, Count Palatine of the Rhine (9 December 1482 – 26 February 1556), also Frederick the Wise, a member of the Wittelsbach dynasty, was Prince-elector of the Palatinate from 1544 to 1556.

  4. 25/11/2021 · Frederick V, (born Aug. 26, 1596, Amberg, Upper Palatinate [Germany]—died Nov. 29, 1632, Mainz), elector Palatine of the Rhine, king of Bohemia (as Frederick I, 1619–20), and director of the Protestant Union. Brought up a Calvinist, partly in France, Frederick succeeded his father, Frederick IV, both as elector and as director of the Protestant ...

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    Frederick III of Simmern, the Pious, Elector Palatine of the Rhine was a ruler from the house of Wittelsbach, branch Palatinate-Simmern-Sponheim. He was a son of John II of Simmern and inherited the Palatinate from the childless Elector Otto-Henry, Elector Palatine in 1559. He was a devout convert to Calvinism, and made the Reformed confession the official religion of his domain by overseeing the composition and promulgation of the Heidelberg Catechism. His support of Calvinism gave the German R

    Frederick was strictly educated in the Catholic faith at his father's court and at Cologne, but, influenced by his wife, the pious princess Maria of Brandenburg, whom he married in 1537, he followed the Reformation, and in 1546 made a public profession of his faith. He succeeded his father John II as duke of Simmern on 18 May 1557, and became elector on 12 February 1559, on the death of Otto Henry. Under his predecessor strict Lutherans like Tilemann Heshusius, Melanchthonians, and Calvinists ha

    Frederick III was married twice. Firstly, he married in 1537 Marie of Brandenburg-Kulmbach, daughter of Casimir, Margrave of Brandenburg-Bayreuth and Susanna of Bavaria. Their children were: Alberta Louis VI, Elector Palatine Elisabeth, married in 1558 to Duke Johann Frederick II of Saxony Hermann Ludwig Johann Casimir; married: 1570 Elisabeth of Saxony Dorothea Susanne, married in 1560 to John William, Duke of Saxe-Weimar Albert Anna Elisabeth, married: in 1569 to Landgrave Philipp II of Hesse-

  5. Henry Frederick, Electoral Prince of the Palatinate, ( German: Heinrich Friedrich; 1 January 1614 – 7 January 1629 in the Netherlands) was the eldest son of Frederick V, the Winter King, and his wife, Elizabeth Stuart, daughter of King James VI of Scotland and I of England . As soon as the prince was born, Elizabeth ordered "pieces" using the ...

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