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  1. hace 2 días · French is an official language in all three of the cities that are political centres of the Union: Brussels, Belgium; Strasbourg, France; and Luxembourg City, Luxembourg. Since the exit of the United Kingdom from the EU in 2020, the government of France has encouraged greater use of French as a working language, thus replacing English.

  2. 05/08/2022 · Many of these communities are supported by French-language institutions. In 2016, 29.8 percent of Canadians reported being able to conduct a conversation in French. By the 1969 Official Languages Act, both English and French are recognized as official languages in Canada and granted equal status by the Canadian government.

  3. 03/08/2022 · French Canadians Canadiens français; Total population; 4,680,820 in Canada (2016 Census) c. 10 million (French-speaking Canadians) 2,100,842 in the United States: Regions with significant populations; Canada: majority in

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    05/08/2022 · Toulon est une des villes les plus chaudes et ensoleillées de France métropolitaine 15, avec une température annuelle moyenne de 15,9 °C . La base navale en premier plan, Toulon en second et le mont Faron en dernier plan. Le climat de Toulon au sens de Köppen est subtropical à été sec Csa.

  5. 04/08/2022 · In countries that do not formally designate an official language, a de facto national language usually evolves. English is the most common official language, with recognized status in 51 countries. Arabic, French, and Spanish are also widely recognized. An official language that is also an indigenous language

  6. 05/08/2022 · From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. ... French Republic. République française . 1792–1804: Top: Flag (1790–1794) Bottom: Flag (1794–1804)

  7. hace 2 días · It classified French as the langue d'instruction or "language of instruction", and Creole was classified as an outil d'enseignement or a "tool of education". The Constitution of 1987 names both Haitian Creole and French as the official languages, but recognizes Haitian Creole as the only language that all Haitians hold in common.