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  1. 26/04/2022 · Yrjö I (28. toukokuuta 1660 – 11. kesäkuuta 1727) oli Ison-Britannian ja Irlannin kuninkaana vuosina 1714–1727. Yrjö I oli Hannoverin vaaliruhtinas ja ensimmäinen Hannover-sukuinen Britannian hallitsija. Yrjön läheisin sukulaisside edeltäneeseen Stuart-hallitsijasukuun kulki hänen äidinäitinsä Elisabet Stuartin kautta.

    • May 28, 1660
    • Hannover, Niedersachsen, Deutschland (BRD)
  2. 08/05/2022 · Georges Ier de Grèce (en grec moderne : Γεώργιος Αʹ της Ελλάδας / Geórgios I tis Elládas ), par son élection roi des Hellènes, est né Guillaume de Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderbourg-Glücksbourg, prince de Danemark, le 24 décembre 1845 à Copenhague, au Danemark, et mort le 18 mars 1913 à Thessalonique, en Grèce.

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    George Pérez was born in the South Bronx, New York City, on June 9, 1954, to Jorge Guzman Pérez and Luz Maria Izquierdo, who were both from Caguas, Puerto Rico, but who did not meet until approximately 1949 or 1950, after both had settled in New Jersey while searching for job opportunities. They married in October 1954 and subsequently moved to New...

    Early career

    Pérez's first involvement with the professional comics industry was as artist Rich Buckler's assistant in 1973, and he made his professional debut in Marvel Comics' Astonishing Tales #25 (Aug. 1974) as penciler of an untitled two-page satire of Buckler's character Deathlok, star of that comic's main feature. Soon Pérez became a Marvel regular, penciling a run of "Sons of the Tiger", a serialized action-adventure strip published in Marvel's long-running Deadly Hands of Kung Fu magazine and aut...

    The New Teen Titans

    In 1980, while still drawing The Avengers for Marvel, Pérez began working for their rival DC Comics. Offered the art chores for the launch of The New Teen Titans, written by Wolfman, Pérez' real incentive was the opportunity to draw Justice League of America (an ambition of Pérez's which "seemed like a natural progress from the Avengers"). Long-time Justice League artist Dick Dillin died right around that time, providing an opportunity for Pérez to step in as regular artist. While Pérez's sti...

    Crisis on Infinite Earths

    Pérez took a leave of absence from The New Teen Titans in 1984 to focus on his next project with Marv Wolfman, DC's 1985 50th-anniversary event, Crisis on Infinite Earths. Crisis purportedly featured every single character DC owned, in a story which radically restructured the DC universe's continuity. Pérez was inked on the series by Dick Giordano, Mike DeCarlo, and Jerry Ordway. After Crisis, Pérez inked the final issue of Superman (issue #423) in September 1986, over Curt Swan's pencils, fo...

    Pérez is married to Carol Flynn. He has no children. He has a brother David, and a niece and nephew. In October 2013, Pérez revealed that he would soon undergo laser and injection surgeries to address hemorrhaging in his left eye that had effectively made him blind in that eye. By the following June, the procedures were not yet completed, but his c...

    Pérez won a 1979 Eagle Award (with Jim Shooter, Sal Buscema, and David Wenzel) for Best Continued Story for his work on The Avengers #167–168 and 170–177. In 1980 he won the Eagle Award for Best Comicbook Cover for Avengers #185. He won the Eagle Award for Favourite Artist (penciller) in 1986. Pérez received an Inkpot Awardin 1983. In 1985, DC Comi...


    Pencil art in all cases, except where noted:

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  3. 28/04/2022 · George was born on 28 Mary 1660 in Hanover, Germany, the eldest son of the Duke of... BBC - History - George I George I (r. 1714-1727) As Sophia, Electress of Hanover, had died two months before Queen Anne's death in August 1714, Sophia's eldest son George, Elector of Hanover, inherited the throne under the Act of Settlement of 1701.

  4. 23/04/2022 · george i as with ease as evaluation them wherever you are now. 🐒 Kids Book Read Aloud: CURIOUS GEORGE (Original Book) by H.A. Rey Seinfeld Clip - George's Toilet Book I Am George Washington w/Words, EFX \u0026 Music Read Aloud Curious George Goes to an Ice Cream Shop I am George Washington by Brad Meltzer George Carlin Reading His Book:\"Brain

  5. 16/05/2022 · i f america were a more perfect union, george floyd might have been born into a wealthy family thanks to his industrious great-great-grandfather, a former enslaved person who “after more than...

  6. 13/05/2022 · En, para celebrar sus 77 años, te presentamos 10 películas de George Lucas que no tienen nada que ver con Star Wars: 1. American Graffiti (director) En 1973 este proyecto no sólo le dio a Lucas los recursos financieros para impulsar el resto de su carrera, sino que también fue un éxito sorpresa.

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