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    The duel between Macaire and the dog is paralleled by an interpolation by Giraldus Cambrensis in a manuscript of the Hexameron of Ambrose. Aubri's hound received the name of the "dog of Montargis ," because a representation of the story was painted on a chimney-piece in the chateau of Montargis in the 15th century.

  2. A treetrunk coffin, hollowed out of a single massive log, is a feature of some prehistoric elite burials over a wide geographical range, especially in Northern Europe and as far east as the Balts, where cremation was abandoned about the 1st century CE, as well as in central Lithuania, where elites were also buried in treetrunk coffins.

  3. In the twelfth century, an erudite churchman and chronicler, Giraldus Cambrensis, said of the Book of Kells: "Look at it closely and you penetrate into the greatest secrets of art, you will find there ornaments of such complexity, such a wealth of interlace knots and lines that you would think it the work of an angel rather than that of a human ...