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  1. In 1863, Olga and Karl adopted Olga's niece, Grand Duchess Vera of Russia, the daughter of Olga's brother Grand Duke Constantine. On 25 June 1864, after the death of his father, Karl acceded the throne and became the third King of Württemberg , making Olga the fourth Queen of Württemberg .

  2. Grand Duchess Olga Nikolaevna as a toddler in 1898. Grand Duchesses Tatiana, left, and Olga Nikolaevna dressed in court dress, ca. 1904. Olga was born on 15 November 1895. She was the oldest child and daughter of Emperor Nicholas II and Empress Alexandra. The birth was difficult, and Alexandra was in labour for 13 hours.

  3. Although male grand dukes of Russia (sons or male-line grandsons of reigning emperors) existed after 1917, when the imperial house was deposed, none of them contracted an equal marriage after that date; so the title grand duchess was not gained by marriage thereafter — though it would have been technically possible.

  4. Burial Place: Annunciation Church, Alexander Nevsky Monastery. Grand Duchess Olga Pavlovna of Russia (Russian: Ольга Павловна ;) was a Grand Duchess of Russia as the second youngest daughter and seventh child of the Tsarevich of Russia (later Emperor Paul I) and his consort, Sophie Dorothea of Württemberg.

  5. Elena Pavlovna (Russian: Великая Княжна Елена Павловна; 24 December 1784 [OS 13 December] – 24 September 1803) was born a grand duchess of Russia as the daughter of Paul I, Emperor of all the Russias and later became the Hereditary Grand Duchess of Mecklenburg-Schwerin as the wife of Frederick Louis of Meclenburg-Schwerin (1778–1819).

  6. 16 de ene. de 2015 · Marie Pavlovna, Grand Duchess of Russia, belonged to the last generation of the Romanov dynasty to reach maturity before the bloody overthrow of tsarism in 1917. In the recollections of her childhood and youth she shed much light on the twilight years of Russia’s royal era and also brings an insider’s view of the turbulent final years before the “ancien régime” was swept away by war ...

  7. Grand Duchess Alexandra Pavlovna, Archduchess of Austria and Palatina of Hungary, in Hungarian dress, c. 1800 Due to his responsibilities as Palatine, after a short stay in the Imperial court, Archduke Joseph and his wife moved to Hungary , where they settled in the Alcsút Palace , although they also normally returned to Vienna to spend time with the imperial family.