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  1. The House of Hesse is a European dynasty, directly descended from the House of Brabant. They ruled the region of Hesse , one branch as prince-electors until 1866, and another branch as grand dukes until 1918.

  2. Los orígenes de la Casa de Hesse comienzan con el casamiento de Sofía de Turingia, hija de Luis IV de Turingia e Isabel de Hungría con el Duque Enrique II de Brabante de la Casa de Reginar. Sofía fue la heredera del territorio de Hesse el cual pasó a su hijo Enrique I de Hesse quien luego de su victoria parcial en la Guerra de sucesión Turingia logró conservarlas.

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    In the early Middle Ages the Hessengau territory (named after the Germanic Chatti tribes) formed the northern parts of the German stem duchy of Franconia along with the adjacent Lahngau. Upon the extinction of the ducal Conradines, these Rhenish Franconian counties were gradually acquired by Landgrave Louis I of Thuringiaand his successors. After t...

    Hesse-Kassel since 1866

    Friedrich Wilhelm I, the former Elector, titular Landgrave 1866–75 (1802–1875) 1. succeeded by his second cousin Friedrich Wilhelm II as below:

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  3. Founded in 1928, the Foundation of the House of Hesse is the successor institution of a family trust that had been established in 1830, confiscated by the Kingdom of Prussia in 1866, and re-established after partial restitution in 1878.

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  4. English: The House of Hesse, or more formally House of Brabant, is one of Europe's oldest noble and royal dynasties. Subcategories This category has the following 165 subcategories, out of 165 total. Branches of the House of Hesse ‎ (8 C) Coats of arms of the House of Hesse ‎ (4 C, 34 F) Hessische Hausstiftung ‎ (1 P, 11 F)