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  1. Philip the Upright (German: Philipp der Aufrichtige) (14 July 1448 – 28 February 1508) was an Elector Palatine of the Rhine from the house of Wittelsbach from 1476 to 1508. Biography [ edit ] He was the only son of Louis IV, Count Palatine of the Rhine and his wife Margaret of Savoy .

  2. Charles III Philip (4 November 1661 – 31 December 1742) was Elector Palatine, Count of Palatinate-Neuburg, and Duke of Jülich and Berg from 1716 to 1742. Until 1728 he was also Count of Megen .

  3. Philip William of Neuburg, Elector Palatine (German: Philipp Wilhelm) (24 November 1615 – 2 September 1690) was Count Palatine of Neuburg from 1653 to 1690, Duke of Jülich and Berg from 1653 to 1679 and Elector of the Palatinate from 1685 to 1690. He was the son of Wolfgang Wilhelm, Count Palatine of Neuburg and Magdalene of Bavaria.

  4. The Electoral Palatinate ( German: Kurpfalz) or the Palatinate ( Pfalz ), officially the Electorate of the Palatinate ( Kurfürstentum Pfalz ), was a state that was part of the Holy Roman Empire. [1] The electorate had its origins under the rulership of the Counts Palatine of Lotharingia from 915, it was then restructured under the ...

  5. More than 1,000 guests were present at the wedding, including 14 ruling princes. Large quantities of food were consumed, in addition to 110,000 liters of wine [1] as well as 10,000 chickens. [2] Two years after the marriage, Philip became Elector of the Palatinate.