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    A madrigal is a secular vocal music composition of the Renaissance (15th–16th c.) and early Baroque (1600–1750) eras. The polyphonic madrigal is unaccompanied, and the number of voices varies from two to eight, but usually features three to six voices, whilst the metre of the madrigal varies between two or three tercets, followed by one or two couplets.

  2. Lusung and the Luzones (1511 – early 1570s) Main article: Luções During the early 16th century, Portuguese sailors in Malaysia [2] referred to the Tagalog people who lived in Manila Bay (" Lusong ", Portuguese : Luçon ) [63] [64] [65] [2] using the demonym [8] Luções ( Portuguese pronunciation: [luˈsõjʃ] , Spanish : Luzones ).