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  1. Modern physics is a branch of physics that developed in the early 20th century and onward or branches greatly influenced by early 20th century physics. Notable branches of modern physics include quantum mechanics, special relativity and general relativity. Classical physics is typically concerned with everyday conditions: speeds are much lower than the speed of light, sizes are much greater than that of atoms, and energies

  2. Reviews of Modern Physics (abreviado frecuentemente como Rev. Mod. Phys.) es una revista científica estadounidense, publicada por la American Physical Society (APS) desde su fundación en 1929. Su actual editor es Achim Richter, que ocupa el puesto desde 2005. 1 Índice 1 Historia 2 Contenido 3 Difusión 4 Véase también 5 Referencias

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    The two chief theories of modern physics present a different picture of the concepts of space, time, and matter from that presented by classical physics. Classical mechanics approximates nature as continuous, while quantum theory is concerned with the discrete nature of many phenomena at the atomic and subatomic level and with the complementary aspects of particles and waves in the description of such phenomena.

  4. Modern Physics Letters A (MPLA) is the first in a series of journals published by World Scientific under the title Modern Physics Letters. It covers specifically papers and research on gravitation, cosmology, nuclear physics, and particles and fields. [1] Contents 1 Related journals 2 Abstracting and indexing 3 External links 4 References

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  5. Physics is a branch of science whose primary objects of study are matter and energy. Discoveries of physics find applications throughout the natural sciences and in technology. Physics today may be divided loosely into classical physics and modern physics . Ancient history edit

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  7. Reviews of Modern Physics (abbreviated RMP) is a quarterly peer-reviewed scientific journal published by the American Physical Society. It was established in 1929 and the current editor-in-chief is Michael Thoennessen. The journal publishes review articles, usually by established researchers, on all aspects of physics and related fields.