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  1. Charlotte of Hesse-Kassel (20 November 1627 – 26 March 1686), was a German princess of the House of Hesse-Kassel and by marriage Electress Palatine during 1650–1657 as the first wife of Charles I Louis, although the validity of the divorce was disputed.

  2. Charlotte Amalie of Hesse-Kassel (27 April 1650 – 27 March 1714) was Queen of Denmark and Norway by marriage to King Christian V. Although she did not have much political influence, she was a successful businesswoman in her many estates and protected foreign Protestant non-Lutherans from oppression.

  3. Carlota de Hesse-Kassel (en alemán, Charlotte von Hessen-Kassel; Kassel, 20 de noviembre de 1627- Heidelberg, 16 de marzo de 1686) fue una electora palatina por matrimonio, como la primera esposa del elector Carlos I Luis del Palatinado. Biografía[editar]

  4. The Landgraviate of Hesse-Kassel (German: Landgrafschaft Hessen-Kassel), spelled Hesse-Cassel during its entire existence, also known as the Hessian Palatinate (German: Hessische Pfalz), was a state of the Holy Roman Empire.

  5. Princess Louise Charlotte of Denmark (Danish: Charlotte af Danmark; 30 October 1789 – 28 March 1864) was a Danish princess, and a princess of Hesse-Kassel by marriage to Prince William of Hesse-Kassel. Princess Charlotte was a significant figure in her time.

  6. House of Hohenzollern. Anna of Prussia ( German: Maria Anna Friederike von Preußen; 17 May 1836 – 12 June 1918) was a Prussian princess as the granddaughter of King Frederick William III of Prussia. She was the second wife of Prince Frederick William of Hesse-Kassel .

  7. El landgraviato de Hesse fue un Estado dentro del Sacro Imperio Romano Germánico. Existió como entidad única desde 1264 hasta 1567, cuando Felipe I dividió el territorio entre sus cuatro hijos. Ubicación. Su territorio histórico se ubicaba en el norte y centro del moderno Estado de Hesse, en lo que actualmente es Alemania.