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  1. Herbert II died on 23 February 943 at Saint-Quentin, Aisne (the capital of the county of Vermandois). His vast estates and territories were divided among his sons. [10] Vermandois and Amiens went to the two elder sons while Robert and Herbert, the younger sons, were given the valuable holdings scattered throughout Champagne. [10]

  2. Herbert arranged a marriage alliance to Robert of Neustria by giving in marriage his daughter Beatrice as Robert's second wife. As a part of this pact Herbert also agreed to his son Herbert II of Vermandois marrying Adela, Robert's daughter by his first wife. Another daughter, Cunegonda, married Odo of Wetterau. Issue. By a possible Bertha:

  3. 03/02/2015 · 6. HERBERT (II) DE VERMANDOIS, b. 880 Vermandois Picardie, d. Feb 23, 943 Saint Quentin, Aisne, m. his niece, Adèle (II) Princess de France, b. 895, d. 943, daughter of Robert I King of France (and Count of Paris, born in Bourgogne and died in Soissons, France) and his sister Beatrice de Vermandois, b. 876, d. 929, daughter of Herbert (I) Comte de Vermandois and Berthe de Paris

  4. 26/04/2022 · The eldest son of Hugh and Adela was count Raoul (Rudolph) I (c. 1120-1152), who married Alix of Guyenne, sister of the queen, Eleanor, and had by her three children: Raoul (Rudolph) II, the Leper (count from 1152-1167); Isabelle, who possessed from 1167 to 1183 the counties of Vermandois, Valois and Amiens conjointly with her husband, Philip of Alsace, count of Flanders; and Eleanor.