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  1. Gunhilda of Denmark ( c. 1020 – 18 July 1038), was Queen consort of Germany by her marriage with King Henry III from 1036 until her death. Biography. Gunhilda was a daughter of King Cnut the Great (985/95 – 1035), ruler over the Anglo-Scandinavian North Sea Empire, and his second wife Emma of Normandy (c. 985 – 1052). [1] .

  2. Gunhilda de Dinamarca ( c. 1020 - 18 de julio de 1038) fue la primera esposa de Enrique III el Negro . Biografía. Gunhilda era una hija de Canuto el Grande y su segunda esposa, Emma de Normandía. 1 Sus abuelos maternos fueron Ricardo I de Normandía y su segunda esposa Gunnora, duquesa de Normandía .

  3. Danish princess. Name variations: Gunhild Haraldsdottir. Killed on November 13, 1002; daughter of Harald Bluetooth (c. 910–985), king of Denmark (r. 940–985) and Gyrid ; sister of Thyra of Denmark (d. 1000) and Sven or Sweyn I Forkbeard, king of Denmark (r. 985–1014), king of England (r. 1014); married Jarl Pallig or Palig, ealdorman in ...

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    In the 13th century collection of sagas, Heimskringla, Snorri Sturluson tells that Sweyn Forkbeard was captured in an attack on the Jomsvikings, and turned over to Burislav, king of Wenden. As part of their negotiations, it was agreed that Sweyn would marry Gunhild, the daughter of Burislav, while the latter would marry Sweyn's sister Tyri. By Gunh...

    There is scant material in medieval chronicles to provide details regarding the marriages of Sweyn of Denmark: 1. Thietmar of Merseburg mentions that the daughter of Mieszko I of Poland and sister of Bolesław I of Poland married Sweyn Forkbeard and gave him sons Cnut and Harold, but he does not mention her name. Thietmar is probably the best inform...

    Several alternative interpretations of these data have been proposed. Gunhild might be identical to the historical wife of Sweyn. Further, the dual marriage reported by Adam of Bremen matches the Heimskringla account of Sigrid the Haughty. This may represent confusion between two wives, or it could be that Sigrid is a confused duplicate memory of t...

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    Gunhilde (or Gunnhild) (died 13 November 1002) is said to have been the sister of Sweyn Forkbeard, King of Denmark, and the daughter of Harald Bluetooth. She was married to Pallig, a Dane who served the King of England, Æthelred the Unready, as ealdorman of Devonshire. [1]

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    Gunhilda de Dinamarca ( c. 1020 - 18 de julio de 1038), fue reina consorte de Alemania por su matrimonio con el rey Enrique III desde 1036 hasta su muerte. Gunhilda era hija del rey Canuto el Grande (985/95 - 1035), gobernante del Imperio angloescandinavo del Mar del Norte, y su segunda esposa Emma de Normandía (c. 985 - 1052).

  6. Gunhilda of Denmark was a prominent figure in Scandinavian and English history. Her life is shrouded in mystery, sparking debates and speculations among historians. Gunhilda’s impact on English culture and society was significant and long-lasting. Her disappearance remains a mystery to this day.