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  1. Wife: Queen Gurandukht - daughter of the Kipchak chief Atraka. Religion: Orthodox Christian Diplomacy: Allied to Chief Atraka of the Kipchaks. In the process of settling 40,000 Kipchaks in Georgian lands. They bring with them a reserve army lead by Chief Atraka of 17,500 Kipchaks. Alliance and almost vassallage over Armenian cities in Ani and ...

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  3. Retrospectively, David the Builder has been variously referred to as David II, III, and IV, reflecting substantial variation in the ordinals assigned to the Georgian Bagratids, especially in the early period of their history, owing to the fact that the numbering of successive rulers moves between the many branches of the family.

  4. Otrok or Atraka Sharukanids was born about 1088 in member of nomadic Cuman tribe in, Ukraine, son of Sharagan - Sharukan of the Cumans. He died after 1125. This information is part of Family Tree Welborn by Marvin Loyd Welborn on Genealogy Online.

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  6. The Kipchaks in Georgia, are of an ancient nomadic Turkic people who occupied large territories from Central Asia to Eastern Europe. They, together with the Cumans (Cuman—Kipchak confederation) played an important role in the history of many nations in the region, Georgia among them. At the height of this Caucasian power from the 12th to the 13th centuries, Georgian monarchs recruited ...

  7. Alp Arshan's daughter Gurandukht married King Atraka of the Cuman-Kipchaks. Atraka's daughter Gurandukht was the second wife of David IV King of the Georgians. David IV's daughter Gurandukht (Judith/Gudit) married Prince Mairari of Ethiopa (son of the Jewish Emperor Harbe of Ethiopia).