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  1. Gytha de Wessex se recluyó alrededor del año 1096, en un convento adonde murió como monja el 7 de mayo de 1107. Algunos autores suponen que siguió a Godofredo de Bouillón en la Primera Cruzada y murió en Palestina , posiblemente en 1098, un año después de que Vladímir Monómaco se casara con otra mujer.

  2. Gytha of Wessex. Gytha of Wessex (born c. 1053/1061 - died 1098 or 1107; Old English: Gȳð) was one of several daughters of Harold Godwinson, the last Anglo-Saxon king of England, and his consort, Edyth Swannesha. Through marriage to Vladimir II Monomakh Gytha became a grand princess of Kievan Rus'.

  3. 15/11/2018 · Countess Gytha I have to admit, I expected Emma of Normandy to be the woman who stole the show with my latest book, Silk and the Sword: the Women of the Norman Conquest, but I was pleasantly surprised to discover it was Gytha of Wessex!

  4. 20/05/2010 · Gytha av England, eller Gytha av Wessex, född 1053, 1055 eller 1060, död den 10 mars 1098 eller den 7 maj 1107, var saxisk prinsessa, dotter till Harald II av England. Efter det att hennes far besegrats i slaget vid Hastings år 1066 reste Gytha till Ryssland och gifte sig med storfurst Vladimir II av Kievriket.

    • "Gyda", "Gyða", "Gyda Haraldsdatter"
    • London, Middlesex, England
    • circa 1053
    • February 05, 1107 (49-58)Kiev, Ukraine
    • Biography
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    Gytha Thorkelsdóttir was the daughter of Danish chieftain Thorgil Sprakling (also called Thorkel). Gytha was also the sister of the Danish Earl Ulf Thorgilsson who was married to Estrid Svendsdatter, the sister of King Cnut the Great. She married the Anglo-Saxon nobleman Godwin of Wessex. They had a large family together, and one of her sons, Harold, became king of England. Two of their sons, Harold and Tostig, faced each other at the Battle of Stamford Bridge, where Tostig was killed. Less than a month later, three of her sons, Harold, Gyrth, and Leofwine, were killed at the Battle of Hastings. Shortly after the Battle of Hastings, Gytha was living in Exeter and may have been the cause of that city's rebellion against William the Conqueror in 1067, which resulted in his laying siege to the city. She pleaded unsuccessfully with him for the return of the body of her slain son, king Harold. According to the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, Gytha left England after the Norman conquest, together...

    Sweyn Godwinson, Earl of Herefordshire, (c. 1020–1052), at some point he declared himself an illegitimate son of Canute the Greatbut this is considered to be a false claim
    Harold Godwinson, King of England(c. 1022 – October 14, 1066)
    Edith of Wessex, (c. 1025 - December 19, 1075), queen consort of Edward the Confessor
    Tostig Godwinson, Earl of Northumbria(c. 1026 – September 25, 1066)
    Barlow, Frank (1988) The Feudal Kingdom of England 1042–1216 (New York: Longman) ISBN 0-582-49504-0
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    Mason, Emma (2004) House of Godwine: The History of Dynasty (London: Hambledon & London) ISBN 1-85285-389-1
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  5. Discover the family tree of Gytha DE WESSEX for free, and learn about their family history and their ancestry.

  6. Gytha de Wessex (morte en 1098 ou 1107) est une des filles de Harold Godwinson, le dernier roi anglo-saxon d'Angleterre, et de sa concubine Édith au Col de cygne . Elle porte le même nom que Gytha Thorkelsdóttir, la mère de Harold. D'après Saxo Grammaticus, Gytha et deux de ses frères se réfugient à la cour de leur oncle Sven Estridsen ...

    • 1098 ou 1107
    • Édith au Col de cygne
    • maison de Wessex
    • Harold Godwinson
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  2. 100,000+ usuarios visitaron el mes pasado

    Report includes: Contact Info, Address, Photos, Court Records & Reviews