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  1. Hannibal Hamlin (August 27, 1809 – July 4, 1891) was an American attorney and politician who served as the 15th vice president of the United States from 1861 to 1865, during President Abraham Lincoln's first term.

  2. Hannibal Hamlin (August 27, 1809 – July 4, 1891) was Abraham Lincoln's first vice president. Abraham Lincoln later rejected him as a VP pick because he wanted a southerner as his running mate for the 1864 election. Hamlin was also a governor and United States Senator from Maine.

  3. Hannibal Hamlin Garland was born on a farm near West Salem, Wisconsin, on September 14, 1860, the second of four children of Richard Garland of Maine and Charlotte Isabelle McClintock. The boy was named after Hannibal Hamlin, the vice-president under Abraham Lincoln.

  4. Andrew Johnson (Raleigh, 29 de diciembre de 1808-Elizabethton, 31 de julio de 1875) fue el decimoséptimo presidente de los Estados Unidos, ocupando el cargo desde 1865 hasta 1869 tras el asesinato de Abraham Lincoln, de quien había sido vicepresidente.

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  6. Hannibal Hamlin (1809-1891) 4 de marzo de 1861: 4 de marzo de 1865: Republicano: Abraham Lincoln [17] 16: Andrew Johnson (1808-1875) 4 de marzo de 1865: 15 de abril de 1865 [n. 3] [n. 4] Unión Nacional Abraham Lincoln [18] Vacante (15 de abril de 1865 - 4 de marzo de 1869) 17: Schuyler Colfax (1823-1885) 4 de marzo de 1869: 4 de marzo de 1873 ...

  7. The ticket of Lincoln and Hamlin went on to win the 1860 general election. After taking office in 1861, Lincoln appointed all four of his major opponents to his cabinet : Seward for secretary of state, Chase for secretary of the treasury (and later for chief justice), Bates for attorney general, and Cameron for secretary of war.