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  1. Harold G. "Hal" Rosson, A.S.C. (April 6, 1895 – September 6, 1988) was an American cinematographer who worked during the early and classical Hollywood cinema, in a career spanning some 52 years, starting from the silent era in 1915.

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    Harold Clayton Lloyd, Sr. (April 20, 1893 – March 8, 1971) was an American actor, comedian, and stunt performer who appeared in many silent comedy films. [1] One of the most influential film comedians of the silent film era, Lloyd made nearly 200 comedy films, both silent and " talkies ", between 1914 and 1947 .

  3. Las películas fueron dirigidas por J. Farrell MacDonald, contando como actores con Violet Macmillan, Vivian Reed, Mildred Harris, Juanita Hansen, Pierre Couderc, Mai Welles, Louise Emmons, J. Charles Haydon, y con unas de las primeras apariciones de Harold Lloyd y Hal Roach. Richard Rosson aparecía en una de las películas y curiosamente su ...

  4. Después de la muerte de Bern, el estudio no quería otro escándalo y apaciguó la situación organizando el matrimonio entre Harlow y el director de fotografía Harold Rosson. Rosson y Harlow eran amigos, y Rosson siguió el plan. Se divorciaron discretamente ocho meses después.

  5. Harold Waldorf is Blair's father who went to France to live with his male lover Roman. He traditionally makes pumpkin pie during Thanksgiving but hasn't made it since Blair's last Thanksgiving with him, before he came out and left for Europe. He returns for the holidays with his partner, Roman, a model once used by Harold's ex-wife, Eleanor.

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    31/01/2022 · FOX FILES combines in-depth news reporting from a variety of Fox News on-air talent. The program will feature the breadth, power and journalism of rotating Fox News anchors, reporters and producers.

  7. Scott Rosson is a recurring character in the second and third seasons of the Gossip Girl television adaptation, and the love child of Lily van der Woodsen and Rufus Humphrey. He is portrayed by Chris Riggi. Scott appears in five episodes. In It's a Wonderful Lie, Bart Bass learns of Scott's existence from his PI Andrew Tyler shortly before his fatal car accident. He leaves Lily a voicemail ...