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  1. › title › tt0113277Heat (1995) - IMDb

    15/12/1995 · Heat: Directed by Michael Mann. With Al Pacino, Robert De Niro, Val Kilmer, Jon Voight. A group of high-end professional thieves start to feel the heat from the LAPD when they unknowingly leave a clue at their latest heist.

    • (637K)
    • Michael Mann
    • R
    • Action | , Crime | , Drama
  2. › wiki › HeatHeat - Wikipedia

    1) In a transfer of energy as heat without work being done, there are changes of entropy in both the surroundings which lose heat and the system which gains it. The increase, Δ S , of entropy in the system may be considered to consist of two parts, an increment, Δ S ′ that matches, or 'compensates', the change, S ′ , of entropy in the surroundings, and a further increment, Δ S ...

  3. heat, energy that is transferred from one body to another as the result of a difference in temperature. If two bodies at different temperatures are brought together, energy is transferred—i.e., heat flows—from the hotter body to the colder. The effect of this transfer of energy usually, but not always, is an increase in the temperature of the colder body and a decrease in the temperature ...

  4. heat: [noun] a condition of being hot : warmth. a marked or notable degree of hotness. pathological excessive bodily temperature. a hot place or situation. a period of heat. added energy that causes substances to rise in temperature, fuse, evaporate, expand, or undergo any of various other related changes, that flows to a body by contact with ...

  5. heat. ( hiːt) n. 1. (General Physics) a. the energy transferred as a result of a difference in temperature. b. the random kinetic energy of the atoms, molecules, or ions in a substance or body. 2. (Physiology) the sensation caused in the body by heat energy; warmth.

  6. Heat. (1995 film) Heat is a 1995 American crime drama film [3] written and directed by Michael Mann. It features an ensemble cast led by Al Pacino and Robert De Niro, with Tom Sizemore, Jon Voight, and Val Kilmer in supporting roles. [4] The film follows the conflict between an LAPD detective, played by Pacino, and a career thief, played by De ...

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