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  1. Löwenstein-Wertheim was a county of the Holy Roman Empire, part of the Franconian Circle.It was formed from the counties of Löwenstein (based in the town of Löwenstein) and Wertheim (based in the town of Wertheim am Main) and from 1488 until 1806 ruled by the House of Löwenstein-Wertheim who are morganatic descendants (and the most senior line) of the Palatinate branch of the House of ...

  2. Karl Konstantin Albrecht Leonhard Graf von Blumenthal (30 July 1810 – 21 December 1900) was an officer of the Prussian Army and field marshal of the Imperial German Army, chiefly remembered for his decisive intervention at the Battle of Königgrätz in 1866, his victories at Wörth and Weißenburg, and above all his refusal to bombard Paris in 1870 during the siege, of which he was in command.

  3. Georg Leo Graf von Caprivi de Caprara de Montecuccoli (English: Count George Leo of Caprivi, Caprara, and Montecuccoli; born Georg Leo von Caprivi; 24 February 1831 – 6 February 1899) was a German general and statesman who served as the chancellor of the German Empire from March 1890 to October 1894.

  4. So Louis I served also as Count Palatine of the Rhine. He was assassinated 1231. Otto II the Illustrious: 7 April 1206: 1231–1253: 29 November 1253: County Palatine of the Rhine: Agnes of the Palatinate 1222 Worms eleven children: Otto II served also as Count Palatine of the Rhine. On Otto II's death, Bavaria was divided between his sons.

  5. Life. Conrad was born in Penzing, a suburb of Vienna, to an Austrian officers' family.His great-grandfather Franz Anton Conrad (1738–1827) had been ennobled and added to his name the nobiliary particle von Hötzendorf as a predicate in 1815, referring to the surname of his first wife who descended from the Bavarian Upper Palatinate region.

  6. Duchess Maria Isabella of Württemberg (30 August 1871–24 May 1904) she married Prince Johann Georg of Saxony on 5 April 1894. Duke Robert of Württemberg (14 January 1873–12 April 1947) he married Archduchess Maria Immakulata of Austria on 29 October 1900. Duke Ulrich of Württemberg (13 June 1877-13 June 1944)

  7. A Franconian Teutschmeister regiment of the Imperial Army was formed under Count Palatine Francis Louis of Neuburg in 1696; organized as 4th Infantry Regiment in 1769 and deployed at Vienna, it was known as the Lower Austrian Hoch- und Deutschmeister regiment from 1814.