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  1. Henry Addington nació el 30 de mayo de 1757, en Holborn, Reino Unido. Fue hijo de Anthony Addington y Mary Addington, quien a su vez era hija del reverendo Haviland John Hiley, rector de la Reading School. Como consecuencia de la posición de su padre, Henry fue desde pequeño amigo de William Pitt (el joven).

  2. Henry Addington, primer Vizconde de Sidmouth (30 de mayo de 1757-15 de febrero de 1844) fue un político británico. Era parte del Partido Conservador. Henry Addington era el Hijo de Anthony Addington, médico de William Pitt el viejo, y Mary Addington, hija del Reverendo Haviland John Hiley, director de la Escuela de lectura.

  3. Henry Addington, the First Viscount Sidmouth, was a British politician and statesman to become the 17th Prime Minister of the counry. Background Henry Addington was born on 30 May 1757, the son of Mary Hiley and Anthony Addington, a country doctor who owned a small estate in Oxfordshire and who was personal physician to the Earl of Chatham.

  4. 04/05/2021 · The first of these is Henry Addington, a man at the forefront of British politics for more than thirty years, who holds the unusual distinction of having served as both Speaker and Prime Minister. This achievement was all the more remarkable because, in an age when British politics was dominated by aristocratic families, Addington had risen ...

  5. The son of a physician, Henry Addington's rise in political life after becoming an MP in 1789 was aided by his childhood friendship with William Pitt the younger. Addington became Prime Minister in 1801 after Pitt's resignation over the issue of Catholic emancipation. In 1802 he signed the Peace...

  6. Henry Addington was born in 1759. Henry's father, Dr. Anthony Addington, had several important patients including the prime minister, Lord Chatham and his son, William Pitt. After being educated at Winchester School and Oxford University he became a lawyer. Addington's friendship with the Pitt family helped him obtain the seat for Devizes in 1784.

  7. Der britische Diplomat Henry Unwin Addington in Deutschland, 1813/14 und 1828/29. In: Uwe Ziegler/Horst Carl (ed.), "In unserer Liebe nicht glücklich." Kultureller Austausch zwischen Großbritannien und Deutschland 1770-1840, Goettingen (Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht) 2014, p. 143-158.