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  1. Casimir II the Just (Polish: Kazimierz II Sprawiedliwy; 28 October 1138 – 5 May 1194) was a Lesser Polish Duke of Wiślica from 1166–1173, and of Sandomierz after 1173. He became ruler over the Polish Seniorate Province at Kraków and thereby High Duke of Poland in 1177; a position he held until his death, though interrupted once by his elder brother and predecessor Mieszko III the Old .

  2. In 1660 John II Casimir was forced to renounce his claim to the Swedish throne and acknowledge Swedish sovereignty over Livonia and the city of Riga in modern-day Latvia. John Casimir had married his brother's widow, Marie Louise Gonzaga ( Polish : Maria Ludwika ), who was a major support to the King.

  3. Casimir IV Jagellon (Kazimierz Jagiellonczyk en polonais, Kazimieras Jogailaitis en lituanien), né le 30 novembre 1427 et mort le 7 juin 1492, fut grand-duc de Lituanie de 1440 à sa mort et roi de Pologne de 1447 à sa mort. Casimir IV Jagellon eut une politique étrangère tenace pour préserver l'union politique de la Lituanie et de la Pologne.

  4. From William the Conqueror to Henry II. William I, King of England (1027-1087) Henry I, King of England (1068-1135) Matilda of Normandy (1102-1167) Henry II, King of England (1133-1189) From Henry II to George Washington. Henry II, King of England (1133-1189) John, King of England (1166-1216) Henry III, King of England (1207-1272)

  5. 28/09/2019 · Henry III (29 October 1017 – 5 October 1056), called the Black or the Pious, was a member of the Salian Dynasty of Holy Roman Emperors. He was the eldest son of Conrad II of Germany and Gisela of Swabia and his father made him duke of Bavaria (as Henry VI) in 1026, after the death of Duke Henry V.

  6. Charles Edward Louis Philip Casimir Stuart (gälisch: Prionnsa Teàrlach Eideard Stiùbhart; * 31. Dezember 1720 in Rom , Italien ; † 31. Januar 1788 ebenda) war der Sohn von James Francis Edward Stuart , dem im Exil lebenden Thronprätendenten auf den Thron Großbritanniens, und der polnischen Prinzessin Maria Clementina Sobieska .