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  1. Henry Fitzroy. Enrique FitzRoy, I duque de Richmond y Somerset ( 15 de junio de 1519 – 18 de junio de 1536) fue hijo del rey Enrique VIII y de su amante Isabel Blount, el único descendiente ilegítimo que Enrique VIII reconoció. FitzRoy fue nombrado conde de Nottingham y duque de Richmond y Somerset el 16 de junio de 1525.

    • Duque de Richmond y Somerset
    • 15 de junio de 1519, Blackmore, Essex
  2. Henry FitzRoy, Duke of Richmond and Somerset, (15 June 1519 – 23 July 1536), was the son of King Henry VIII of England and his mistress, Elizabeth Blount, and the only child born out of wedlock whom Henry VIII acknowledged. He was the younger half-brother of Queen Mary I, as well as the older half-brother of Queen Elizabeth I and King Edward VI.

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    • Christening

    Henry FitzRoy (1st Duke of Richmond and Somerset) Unknown image date. Name Henry Tudor or FitzRoy Born 15th June 1519 Parents Henry VIII Elizabeth Blount Died 23rd July 1536 (aged 17) Gender Male Spouse(s) Lady Mary Howard

    Lord Henry FitzRoy was born in June 1519. His mother was Lady Elizabeth Blount a Maid of Honour to Queen Catherine of Aragon, the wife of King Henry VIII. The newborn baby’s father was the twenty eight year old King himself. FitzRoy was conceived when Queen Catherine of Aragon was approaching her last confinement with her and the King’s own child which would result in a stillborn daughter in November 1518. The Queen’s pregnancies frequently triggered in the King a bout of promiscuity ...

    The christening of the newborn Henry FitzRoy is not recorded. However it is known that Cardinal Thomas Wolsey was godfather to the King’s son. Wolsey was even present at the Christening and was not represented proxy which puts the date of the Christening possibly before the 29 June when he reappeared at court. The identity of the other Godfather is unknown, and although Thomas Howard, 3rd Duke of Norfolk would take a great interest in Henry FitzRoy when he was older, in 1519 he was still ...

  3. 15/06/2015 · Henry Fitzroy was the illegitimate child of Henry VIII, the second Tudor monarch, with his mistress Elizabeth Blount. In 1512, when Henry VIII was approximately twenty-one years of age a beautiful young woman came to court. Her name was Elizabeth “Bessie” Blount and at that time she had no idea the future that lay ahead of her. While the Blounts were not members of nobility, they were ...

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    Henry Fitzroy is one of the central protagonists of the television series Blood Ties. The character is portrayed by Canadian actor Kyle Schmid. Henry Fitzroy is a vampire and comic book artist. He possesses the traditional abilities of a vampire of his age, such as immense strength, speed and healing.

    Vampirism - Henry is a vampire and as such possesses the traditional abilities of a vampire his age. As a vampire he does not age, regardless of how long he has lived since becoming a vampire, and has the powers to become stronger when drinking a humans blood or when it is night. Superhuman Strength - As a vampire Henry possesses tremendously enhanced strength, well beyond what any human possesses. His strength seems to be as much as ten to twenty times what a human possesses, however this varie...

    Sunlight - Vampires possess an extreme intolerance to sunlight, and as such prolonged exposure will result in their death. As a result, Henry is extremely vulnerable to sunlight.

  4. Henry Fitzroy, also known as Jimmy Roach, is a character in the Brat universe. Henry was born to the wealthy Fitzroy family sometime in the 1940s. He used to enjoy locking his younger siblings in places, like basements. At one point, he took it too far and locked his younger brother Ray in an old shed for 3 days, with no water or food and Ray was terrified. After Ray was found, Henry was sent ...

  5. Henry FitzRoy held lands from his royal father in Narberth and Pebidiog. Upon his death in battle against the Welsh Prince in 1158, his lands passed to his oldest son, Meilyr, later Lord Chief Justice of Ireland for his cousin, King Henry II. Amabilis, daughter of Henry FitzRoy, married Walter de Riddlesford.

    • c. 1100-1104
    • Henry FitzHenry
    • Meiler FitzHenry, Robert FitzHenry, Amabilis FitzHenry
    • Henry I of England (father), Nest ferch Rhys (mother)
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