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  1. Henry Ireton ( 1611 - 26 de noviembre de 1651 ), fue un abogado, estadista y general inglés del ejército parlamentario durante la Revolución inglesa. También fue el yerno de Oliver Cromwell . Índice 1 Inicios 2 Revolución inglesa 3 Visión política y debates sobre el futuro de la monarquía 4 Campaña irlandesa y muerte 5 Ejecución póstuma

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    Henry Ireton ( (baptised) 3 November 1611 [1] – 26 November 1651) was an English general in the Parliamentarian army during the Wars of the Three Kingdoms, and the son-in-law of Oliver Cromwell. He died of disease outside Limerick in November 1651. Contents 1 Personal details 2 English Civil War

    • 1642 to 1651
    • Colonel
  3. Henry Ireton, (born 1611, Attenborough, Nottinghamshire, Eng.—died Nov. 28, 1651, Limerick, County Limerick, Ire.), English soldier and statesman, a leader of the Parliamentary cause during the Civil Wars between the Royalists and Parliamentarians. At the outbreak of the Civil War, Ireton joined the Parliamentary army.

    • The Editors of Encyclopaedia Britannica
    • Puritan Soldier
    • Army Grandee
    • The Regicide
    • Lord-Deputy in Ireland

    In 1642, Parliament commissioned Ireton captain of a troop of horse to be raised by the citizens of Nottingham. He took his troop south and joined the army of the Earl of Essex. After fighting at Edgehill, Ireton returned to Nottinghamshire and served as major in Colonel Thornhaugh's regiment of horse. In July 1643, the Nottinghamshire horse partic...

    Ireton was elected MP for Appleby in the recruiter by-elections of October 1645 and emerged as the ablest politician amongst the Army leadership. In March 1647, he spoke in defence of a petition circulating amongst the soldiers, which Denzil HollesMP had declared seditious. Their quarrel degenerated into physical threats. Ireton and Holles left the...

    During the autumn of 1648, with Cromwell in the north at the siege of Pontefract and Fairfax unsure what to do, it was Ireton who set in motion the train of events that led to the trial and execution of King Charles. Ireton drafted the Army Remonstrance, which demanded that the King should be brought to account for causing unnecessary bloodshed amo...

    In the summer of 1649, Ireton was promoted to major-general and went as second-in-command to Cromwell on his campaign against the Royalists and Catholics in Ireland. Ireton participated in the storming of Drogheda and Wexford in September and October 1649, then took command of the English army when Cromwell fell ill in November. Ireton jointly comm...

  4. 01/11/2022 · Ireton was born in 1611 at Attenborough in Nottingham, a son of German Ireton and his wife Jane. His brother John became mayor of London. Educated at Oxford he later practised as a lawyer and joined Cromwell's side in the English Civil War. He fought at the battles of Edgehill and Marston Moor.

  5. 21/11/2022 · Henry Ireton was born in 1611 in Nottinghamshire into a family of minor gentry. He studied at Cambridge University and in 1630, when the English Civil War began he raised a troop of cavalry and...

  6. Henry Ireton (1611 - 26 de noviembre de 1651), fue un abogado, estadista y general inglés del ejército parlamentario durante la Revolución inglesa. También fue el yerno de Oliver Cromwell . Fue el hijo mayor de German Ireton, originario de Attenborough , Nottinghamshire , y fue bautizado en la iglesia St. Mary’s el 3 de noviembre de 1611 . [ 1 ]

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