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  1. Henry Patrick Procter or Proctor was a British major-general who served in Canada during the War of 1812. He is best known as the commander who was decisively defeated in 1813 by the Americans and left western Upper Canada in American hands. Procter is regarded by many as an inept leader who relied heavily on textbook procedure. His "going by the book" is attributed to his lack of any combat experience before coming to Canada.

  2. Date of Birth - Death c. 1763 - October 31, 1822. Henry Procter was born to Richard Procter, an army surgeon, and Anne Gregory in Ireland in 1763. In 1781, at age 18, Procter decided to follow in his father’s footsteps, joining the British army as an ensign in the 43rd Regiment of Foot. He served the crown in New York during the last months of the ...

  3. Henry Procter was a British military leader in and around the Great Lakes during the War of 1812. Procter was born in Wales in 1787. Little is known about his early years. By the age of twenty-five, he was a colonel in the British Army. Henry Procter played an active role in the War of 1812 rising to the rank of major general.

  4. 16/11/2010 · Henry Procter (Proctor), army officer (b c 1763 at Kilkenny, Ireland; d at Bath, Eng 31 Oct 1822). Henry Procter was the son of a British army surgeon. He was considered by some as among the worst officers of the British forces in the War of 1812. Procter began his military career on 5 April 1781, and became a lieutenant late that year.

  5. Henry Adam Procter (1883 – 26 March 1955) [1] was a British Conservative Party politician. Born in West Derby, Liverpool, he was educated at Bethany College, in the United States, the University of Melbourne and the University of Edinburgh. During the First World War he served in the army from 1916 onwards.

  6. Henry Procter or Proctor may refer to: Henry Procter (politician) (1883–1955), British politician Henry H. Proctor (1868–1933), minister of the First Congregational Church (Atlanta) Henry Proctor (rower) (1929–2005), American rower Henry Procter (British Army officer) (1763–1822)

  7. role in Battle of the Thames In Battle of the Thames …commander at Detroit, Brigadier General Henry A. Procter, found his position untenable and began a hasty retreat across the Ontario peninsula. He was pursued by about 3,500 U.S. troops under Major General William Henry Harrison, who was supported by the U.S. fleet in command of Lake Erie.