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  1. hace 3 días · Hubert de Burgh, Henry's justiciar, set sail to intercept it, resulting in the Battle of Sandwich. De Burgh's fleet scattered the French and captured their flagship, commanded by Eustace the Monk, who was promptly executed. When the news reached Louis, he entered into fresh peace negotiations.

  2. 12/01/2022 · Afterwards WYRESDALE seems always to have formed a principal part of the forest of Lancaster, but its bounds were not recorded in the perambulation of 1228, because from that year until 1232 it was held by Hubert de Burgh.

  3. 10/01/2022 · Once an important medieval township and centre for trade, Grosmont has a traditional village centre protected as a conservation area. Grosmont Castle was built in the 13th-century by Hubert de Burgh on earlier foundations that consisted of a wooden motte and bailey castle.

  4. 11/01/2022 · De Burgh und der Sagenheld, der seinen Ruhm zahlreichen spätmittelalterlichen bis frühneuzeitlichen englischer Balladenzyklen, und später vielen literarischen und filmischen Bearbeitungen verdankt, haben außerdem eine besondere Verbindung: Chris’ Vorfahre Hubert de Burgh (1170–1243) war unter König Johann Ohneland, der in der Robin-Hood-Story eine wichtige Rolle spielt, als ...

  5. 11/01/2022 · March 2008: Hubert de Burgh, Matilda de Mowbray, and Magna Carta’s protection of widows. David Carpenter; February 2008: ‘Hinc Mittendum est…’ – The sending of the originalia roll to the Exchequer Victoria Raffan & David Carpenter; January 2008: England comes to the aid of the Crusader Kingdom of Jerusalem Michael Ray

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    Shepperton (fn. 1) is the most southerly parish in thecounty, lying on the north bank of the Thamesopposite Walton and Weybridge on the Surrey bank. (fn. 2) Until 1930 it consisted of 1,492 acres and formed arough triangle, with the winding river as the base andthe east and west sides meeting at the apex abouttwo miles north of the village. In 1930 the parishwas incorporated in Sunbury urban district, but 77acres in the north (nearly all lying in the Queen MaryReservoir) were transferred to Littleton civil parish,in the same urban district. (fn. 3) The whole parish is between 25 and 50 feet abovesea-level and lies upon flood-plain gravels. There is asuperficial deposit of brick-earth in the east betweenShepperton and Watersplash Farm and there isalluvium near the river. (fn. 4) The Thames has changedits course at Shepperton, causing anomalies in theboundaries of the parish and county. (fn. 5) At WaltonBridge the boundary follows a minor stream so thatthe meadow called Cowey on the s...

    The manor of SHEPPERTON occupied the part of the parish which lies west of a linerunning just east of Charlton Road and the HighStreet and continuing down the small stream to theThames at Lower Halliford. (fn. 77) Charters forged atWestminster Abbey about 1100 allege that St.Dunstan bought Shepperton from a widow namedÆthelflæd and gave it to the abbey. (fn. 78) There may besome truth in this, for Shepperton is associated inthe charters more with Sunbury, which Dunstanvery probably did give to the abbey, than with theneighbouring manor of Halliford, which, as a berewick of Staines, was granted to the abbey byEdward the Confessor. (fn. 79) A writ from the Confessor,however, which is thought to be founded on anauthentic original, granted Shepperton to Westminster between 1051 and 1066. A little later adefinitely authentic writ notified the abbey that theking had granted land at Shepperton to his 'churchwright' Teinfrith. This grant may have been onlyfor life or may not have taken effe...

    In the late 12th centuryRichard Vautort held an estate in the parish, whichapparently passed to his grandson, Simon son ofHugh. (fn. 138) In the reign of Henry III John Vautort,perhaps the brother or nephew of Hugh, claimed 2carucates of land from Robert Beauchamp. (fn. 139) A few acres in the parish were attached to Charltonmanor in Sunbury, (fn. 140) and it is possible that a fewacres may have lain within Littleton and Astlammanors. (fn. 141) Francis Newdegate by his will (proved1583) left 'part of Shepperton lordship' to his wife.This seems to have been an estate within Sheppertonmanor. (fn. 142) A least two houses and 17 acres in Hallifordbelonged to Kempton manor in Sunbury in thereign of James I and earlier. (fn. 143) The Winch family came to the parish in 1787 andbuilt up an estate there. George Winch (d. 1805) wasan important barge-horse owner. George Winch(d. 1835) owned a farm which was burnt down inthe course of agrarian disturbances in 1833. (fn. 144) In 1843 Juliet Winc...

    By 1289 there was a water-mill in Halliford manor. It was usually leased from that yearuntil 1300 or later. (fn. 149) There were two newly madewater-mills on the same manor in 1320. (fn. 150) There wasan old water-mill of no value in Shepperton manorin 1336 and 1343. (fn. 151) Windmill Common (now WaltonBridge Green) and Windmill Lane (now WaltonLane) in Halliford may commemorate a windmillwhich was built in Halliford manor in 1381 or 1382.This mill existed for at least 20 years (fn. 152) and may havereplaced an earlier one at Upper Halliford. (fn. 153) In 1597a windmill in the parish was left by will with theproviso that it was not to be moved. (fn. 154) There was amill, apparently water driven, by 1805, which stillexisted several decades later. (fn. 155) It was probably fromthis mill that the name of Millbrook House wasderived. (fn. 156)

    TheDomesday survey lists 25 persons in Sheppertonmanor. (fn. 157) About 1335 Shepperton was able to muster32 men at a commission of array; Upper and LowerHalliford together mustered an additional 22 men. (fn. 158) In 1547 there were 133 'houseling' people in theparish. (fn. 159) Sixty-six persons paid or were exemptfrom hearth tax in 1664, (fn. 160) and there were said to be100 families in the parish about 1723. (fn. 161) The population gradually increased from 731 persons in 1801to 858 in 1841, and then dropped a little until 1861.The increase to 1,126 in 1871 was attributed to theopening of the railway and of brickfields. By 1901there were some 1,800 people in the parish, and by1931 there were over 3,400. The slightly alteredcivil parish of 1951 contained over 6,000 people. (fn. 162) Domesday Book records 7 plough-lands in Shepperton manor, one of which was in demesne. Therewere then 17 villeins, 5 cottars, and 2 slaves on themanor. (fn. 163) In 1336 and 1361 there were 100 acres...

    Halliford and Shepperton were both among the members of Stainesmanor for which the Abbot of Westminster claimedexemption from the county courts from 1265 until atleast 1293. (fn. 194) The abbey also held in them the view offrankpledge and the assize of bread and ale. (fn. 195) Thelord of Shepperton manor continued to claim viewof frankpledge in the 17th century. In 1651 theShepperton manor court appointed a constable,headborough, and aletaster. Two years later itappointed two surveyors of highways, a hogdriver,and two field wardens. (fn. 196) The constable and surveyors may have been appointed for the entire parish.Halliford manor included Upper Halliford in Sunbury parish within its jurisdiction. (fn. 197) In 1299 anduntil the mid-14th century four courts, one of themwith a view of frankpledge, were held annually forthe manor. (fn. 198) In the early 15th and early 16thcenturies only two courts were held yearly, one ofthem with a view of frankpledge. (fn. 199) In the 15thcentury Upp...

    There was a priest at Shepperton in1086 (fn. 217) and a church is referred to in 1157. (fn. 218) Thechurch continued to serve the whole parish until1949 when the northern part was transferred toLittleton ecclesiastical parish. (fn. 219) Westminster Abbey was said to hold Sheppertonchurch in 1157, (fn. 220) but it did not appropriate thechurch properly to its own use except for the tithesof its own demesne at Halliford. These, or most ofthem, had been appropriated by 1291, (fn. 221) but therewere subsequently a number of disputes about thembetween the abbey and the rector. The rectoracknowledged the abbey's right to them in 1305 (fn. 222) and in 1410 he was awarded a pension of 16s. 8d.instead of them. This was not in fact paid then or formany years, (fn. 223) but in 1758 the lessee of Hallifordmanor was ordered to pay eighteen years' arrears ofit. (fn. 224) In 1843 138 acres of the parish were exemptfrom tithes because of this appropriation. (fn. 225) Thechurch itself, excluding the...

    There were said to be nodissenters in the parish in 1766 and in 1810, thoughone Quaker was reported in 1778. (fn. 272) In 1811 a meeting-place for Independents at Shepperton Greenwas registered. (fn. 273) The Methodist church in Sheepwalk Lane, Shepperton Green, was built in 1879 asa Primitive Methodist mission hall. It was enlargedand Sunday schools were added in 1910. (fn. 274) The little brick-built Roman Catholic church ofSt. John Fisher, Squires Road, was opened in1945. (fn. 275)

    There was a schoolmaster in Shepperton in the 1580's. (fn. 276) A school was being formedin 1738 and a schoolmaster was mentioned in thefollowing year. (fn. 277) A school at Shepperton becameassociated with the National Society in 1816, (fn. 278) and in1818 it had about 40 pupils. (fn. 279) In 1832 this school tookonly girls and attendance was about 30. (fn. 280) It was incorporated into a new National school which wasestablished in 1833 in the present High Street andwas said to have been erected upon glebeland. Therewere 87 pupils, both boys and girls, in 1833. (fn. 281) In 1853Mrs. Susan Lumley endowed the school with £35 ayear for the mistress's salary. (fn. 282) A new building waserected in 1860 so that there were separate schools forboys and girls. (fn. 283) Attendance was usually between 120and 170 from 1886 to 1938. (fn. 284) New buildings wereerected in 1929 on land to the west of the High Streetgiven by the lord of the manor. The old buildingswere sold and one of them has s...

    Richard Buckland left £1 a year tothe poor of Shepperton in 1573, and this was stillbeing distributed in 1956. (fn. 291) The Parish land orBread Charity arose in 1836, when parish land nearWalton Bridge was sold. Before this the land mayhave been the site of one of the parish almshouses towhich occasional references have been found andwhich are discussed elsewhere. (fn. 292) The proceeds ofthe sale were used to buy land for a new burialground on which was charged a rent of £3 to providebread for the poor. The rent was redeemed in 1950for £120, which was invested. (fn. 293) In 1862 the rector,William Russell, gave two houses in Chertsey Road,now known as the Church House, in trust for thepoor; in 1956 £13 income from this was distributedamong six people. (fn. 294) Jane Boor (will proved 1908)left £500 in trust for payments to the aged poor. (fn. 295) H. C. Henderson (will proved 1913) left £100 in trustto buy coal for the poor of Halliford. (fn. 296) In 1910 theincumbent thought that...

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  3. 100,000+ usuarios visitaron el mes pasado

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